What is Propchain? (PROPC)

Propchain is a marketplace and ecosystem for investing and trading in real estate and developments worldwide. This includes various types of buildings with different functions, sizes, values, and locations, all carefully selected by the platform itself. As a user, you can choose what to invest in and how much to invest. The minimum investment is €1,000, allowing you to participate in the real estate market with a relatively small amount. Propchain operates on blockchain technology, enabling users to invest smaller amounts in multiple projects. The goal is to generate long-term profits from the properties you own, including rental income, capital appreciation, and other benefits. The project aims to modernize and improve the traditional real estate sector.

Within this ecosystem, the PROPC token is used. It primarily serves as a utility token and is used for staking and voting on decisions related to the project.

How can I use Propchain?

You can use Propchain through its dedicated app. You create an account, activate a wallet, and after completing the KYC process, you can search for properties that interest you. To own a portion of these properties, you need a minimum of one thousand euros. You can then track the value of these properties and your wallet in the app.

What are the benefits of Propchain?

One of the key advantages of Propchain is that it provides a secure and transparent way to conduct real estate transactions. By utilizing blockchain technology, all transactions are recorded and cannot be altered without network consensus. This ensures increased transparency, eliminates fraud and errors, reduces transaction costs, and enhances efficiency in the real estate market. Additionally, Propchain eliminates intermediaries such as brokers and notaries, reducing transaction costs and streamlining processes. This makes it easy for anyone to invest in real estate without the hassle. Moreover, with a minimum investment of €1,000, it becomes more accessible to a broader range of investors. Propchain aims to achieve an average annual return of 8 to 12 percent for its users. The Propchain investment platform fully complies with regulations and undergoes regular audits.

Who founded Propchain?

Propchain was founded by Robin Ubaghs (CEO) and Alexander Ingwersen (COO). The project's objective is to make it easy for everyone to invest in real estate and potentially earn long-term returns. The company is based in Luxembourg but also has offices in Lithuania and Dubai. There is a strong commitment to developing and promoting Propchain. Ubaghs and Ingwersen aim to revolutionize the real estate sector through innovative blockchain solutions.

How does Propchain differ from other cryptocurrencies?

What sets Propchain apart from other cryptocurrencies is its focus on the real estate sector and the application of blockchain technology to address specific issues in this industry. It enables users to engage in real estate transactions safely and efficiently. The emphasis on real estate transactions makes Propchain unique in the blockchain world. Additionally, Propchain utilizes smart contracts, allowing for automatic execution and enforcement of contract terms, increasing the reliability and efficiency of transactions.

Can I make money with Propchain?

Yes, like other cryptocurrencies, it is possible to earn money with Propchain by investing, trading, or participating in projects within the ecosystem. With smart trading strategies, you can profit by buying low and selling high. However, it is essential to remember that investing in cryptocurrencies carries risks, so always conduct thorough research and invest only what you can afford to lose. At Propchain, you can  also earn money from the investments you make in real estate through the platform.
Furthermore, Propchain offers opportunities for passive income through staking. By holding your coins in a wallet and making them available to the network, you can receive rewards in the form of new coins.