What is Travala (AVA)?

Travala (AVA) is for you if you like to travel. Because then you've probably used a comparison website before. Here you can compare different accommodations and flights. Handy, because that way you can quickly find the cheapest or the best choice that suits you. Travala is an OTA (Online Travel Agency). The platform is a comparison website for flights and accommodations, but completely decentralized and focused on cryptocurrency. After all, Travala runs on blockchain. This makes it possible to pay for flights and accommodations, such as a hotel or apartment, with crypto. Travala.com supports payments with more than 30 different cryptocurrencies, including its own token AVA. This token is central to the platform. When you buy an airline ticket or hotel with AVA tokens, you join the loyalty program. And that can make you a lot of money, as users can receive up to 40% discount. It is also possible to earn free rooms, flights or upgrades through the loyalty program. Of course, the discounts you can earn through the loyalty program are much needed. It is no secret that Travala has many competitors, who mainly operate centrally. Therefore, they will have to differentiate themselves from the rest, and they cannot do that just by accepting crypto payments.

What can you use Travala (AVA) for?

You can use Travala when you are looking for flights and accommodations that you would like to pay for with crypto. Normally, you pay for these products with fiat currency on websites such as Booking.com, Expedia and TripAdvisor. However, more and more people are holding crypto and would like to pay with it as well. So they can turn to Travala's platform. The advantage of Travala is that prices are displayed more transparently and you often pay lower fees. This is because of the loyalty program Travala has set up. But also because Travala works in a decentralized way. In fact, large centralized companies charge high service fees and do not provide insight into how these costs were arrived at. As a user, you have no choice but to pay these costs. You won't find these hidden costs at Travala. They show you why you pay fees and how these fees came about. Then again, they are much lower than the fees you pay at large central platforms. Of course, Travala can also work to the advantage of hotel owners. Normally they receive lower revenues when someone books through an intermediary, but this fee is many times lower with Travala.

SMART Program: Travala's loyalty program

We have already briefly talked about Travala's loyalty program. This program is called SMART and offers travelers many benefits. To join the loyalty program, you need to create an account on Travala's website. Creating an account is free and easy to perform. After you create an account you will immediately receive a 10% discount on every booking you make. To make a booking you need crypto, which you can store in the Travala wallet. You receive a 5% discount when you place AVA tokens in the Travala wallet. The number of tokens you keep in the wallet determines how much extra discount you get through the SMART loyalty program. You can read more about Travala's SMART Program here.

The AVA token

So AVA is Travala's own cryptocurrency, while you can pay with more than 30 different cryptocurrencies on the platform. Even though you can also make your payments with many other crypto currencies, you will receive an extra discount when you choose the AVA token. This makes purchasing the AVA token interesting. In addition, the AVA token is used for speculation. Crypto traders buy and sell AVA in hopes of making a positive return on their investment.

How does Travala work?

The platform runs on the NEO blockchain, which is not common for most decentralized applications. This blockchain is suitable for quickly making payments between cryptocurrency and fiat money. On the website, users can compare flights and accommodations, and then pay for them on the same website. Hotels therefore also receive their earnings, if desired, in fiat currency. Thus, they are not dependent on the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Travala has 8 partners and more than 550,000 hotels listed on their website. These hotels are located in 220 countries. Meanwhile, the platform has more than 15,000 users.

Where to buy Travala (AVA)?

At Coinmerce you buy Travala (AVA) with iDEAL, SEPA, Giropay, MyBank and credit card (Mastercard and Visa). Buy Travala (AVA) in the Netherlands and Belgium at Coinmerce. For the use of these payment methods you pay no deposit fees by the way. Here you buy Travala (AVA) by indicating in the purchase window how many tokens you want to purchase. It is also possible to enter a euro amount and we will calculate how many tokens you can buy with it. You can buy Travala with a normal order, stop-limit order or repeating order. The latter is especially useful if you want to invest in AVA periodically without having to buy the tokens manually. Before you can buy AVA tokens, you need an account with Coinmerce. Click here to create an account.

How can you store Travala (AVA)?

You can store the AVA token in almost any wallet. When you buy AVA from Coinmerce, we immediately move the tokens to your personal crypto wallet found in your account. Here you can leave your AVA tokens safely, because Coinmerce keeps most of the tokens in cold storage. You can also store your AVA tokens on cold storage yourself by sending them from Coinmerce to a Trezor or Ledger hardware wallet. To do this, you must first verify the wallet address of your hardware wallet. You can easily do this yourself within your Coinmerce account.