What is Virtua (TVK)?

Virtua (TVK) is a gamified metaverse that offers gamers an interactive and immersive experience. It allows users to enter a virtual world where they can enjoy Web3 gaming, social interaction, digital collectibles, and other interactive experiences. Virtua utilizes its own utility token called TVK, which acts as the fuel for the platform and enables various features. In this guide, we will delve deeper into what Virtua is, who founded it, how it works, future possibilities, and more.

Who founded Virtua (TVK)?

Virtua was founded by Gary Bracey, the project's chairman, and Jawad Ashraf, the CEO. Gary Bracey has over 35 years of experience in the gaming industry and has worked at various companies including Ocean Software and Digimask. Jawad Ashraf has experience in the insurance industry, energy trading, risk management, and mobile applications.

How does Virtua (TVK) work?

Virtua is built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes the ERC-20 token protocol. The TVK token serves as the currency within the Virtua ecosystem and provides users with various capabilities. With TVK, users can participate in exclusive Virtua Prestige clubs where they can earn NFT airdrops, rewards, and bonuses. Additionally, TVK holders can create their own digital collectibles and fan tokens using the Terra Forma tools on the platform. TVK tokens can also be used to farm exclusive and tradable NFTs available only on the Virtua platform.

What sets Virtua (TVK) apart?

Virtua sets itself apart through its gamified metaverse experience and exclusive collaborations with renowned brands such as Legendary Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Dynamite Comics, and Williams Racing. It offers users a wide range of content and possibilities within the virtual world. Furthermore, Virtua aims to provide a safe and functional environment for developers, publishers, and third parties to add their own experiences and content to the metaverse.

How can Virtua (TVK) be used in the future?

Virtua has ambitious plans for the future of its metaverse. After the launch of Cardano Island, Virtua will launch other islands and even planets dedicated to different areas such as sports, entertainment, and gaming. The goal is to create a fully functional and open environment that provides opportunities for developers, publishers, and third parties to add their own unique experiences and content to the Virtua metaverse. With the TVK token as fuel, Virtua will drive a vibrant economy within the metaverse.

Additional information about Virtua (TVK)

The total supply of TVK tokens is 1,200,000,000. These tokens are distributed among various stakeholders, including the team, the public, and different types of investors. The TVK tokens have a vesting schedule ranging from one to two years. Virtua has strong and experienced founders and team members who are committed to the success and growth of the project.

Can I make money with Virtua (TVK)?

Yes, it is possible to make money with Virtua (TVK). As a TVK holder, you can participate in various activities within the metaverse, such as completing contests, quests, and transactions to receive rewards in the form of NFTs. Additionally, you can use TVK tokens to farm exclusive and tradable NFTs. By actively participating in the Virtua ecosystem and making valuable contributions, you may also benefit from the growth and adoption of the metaverse and the increase in value of the TVK token.