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    Loom Networks calls itself a next-generation blockchain platform designed for large-scale social apps and online games. The team describes it as your favorite game or social media network, but on the blockchain and built on Ethereum. The Loom network makes it possible to create dAppChains and dApps, but it also functions as a real blockchain. As such, you get all the benefits of a blockchain when using Loom Network, including a system that is scalable, reliable and transparent.

    Loom Network was co-founded in 2017 by: - James Duffy, a crypto enthusiast and entrepreneur. He was a leading developer at Casual Steps Inc. - Luke Zhang, an IT specialist. Worked as a developer at BlockMason Inc, Workpolice and Elemica. - Mattew Campbell, who worked for Hyperworks Inc., Thomson Reuters, Digital Ocean and Err Plane.


    Founder James Martin Duffy
    Founded 2017
    Industry Scalability platform
    Website Site
    Network Ethereum
    Location Thailand


    Rank 131
    Market Cap 28.98 M
    Trading volume 9.9 M
    Circulating 968.47 M
    Fundraising 25 M


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    Github Site
    Medium Site