Moonriver (MOVR)

€ 7,55

-4,32 % € -0,33

Moonriver Price in Euros


€ 7,55

Moonriver Volume


€ 2.43 M

Market Cap


€50.27 M

What is Moonriver

Moonriver runs as a parachain within Kusama and was set up as a 'canary network' for Moonbeam, which runs within Polkadot. A canary network is a test network where certain features and updates are tested before going live.


How does Moonriver work?

Developers can program smart contracts within Moonriver. The blockchain can work with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, allowing developers to use Solidity. Ethereum dApps can also be moved directly to Moonriver.


How to buy Moonriver?

Want to buy MOVR token? You can do that at Coinmerce. In the purchase window you indicate how many euros you want to buy Moonriver, where you can pay directly with payment methods such as iDEAL, credit card and SEPA. We move the tokens directly to your crypto wallet.


How to buy Moonriver?

If you want to buy MOVR token, you can go to Coinmerce. On the right side is a buying window, where you can specify for how many euros or how many MOVR tokens you want to buy. After you have entered the correct number, it's time to complete the payment. You buy Moonriver (MOVR) with iDEAL, Giropay, MyBank, SEPA Bancontact and credit card. After the purchase is successful, we will make sure your MOVR tokens are moved directly to your Coinmerce wallet.