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    Nano is cryptocurrency that focuses on payments. It is possible to send Nano from one wallet to another wallet without any costs. In addition, the transaction time is less than ten seconds. Fast and free of charge. Nano that was first known as RaiBlocks (XRB) is in that respect comparable to IOTA that is also fast and free of charge. The two projects also use the same technology, "Directed Acyclic Graph" better known as Tangle. However, Nano is purely focused on payments between people as opposed to IOTA that focuses on payments between machines. Nano's motto is "Do one thing, and do it well" as follows.

    NANO founded in 2015 and located in America, counts 10 team members at the time of writing.


    Founder Colin LeMahieu
    Founded 2015
    Industry Payments
    Website Site
    Network NANO
    Location United States of America


    Rank 53
    Market Cap 121.78 M
    Trading volume 8.71 M
    Maximum coins 133.25 M
    Circulating 133.25 M


    Twitter Site
    Linkedin Site
    Github Site
    Youtube Site
    Medium Site