BUX migration

BUX and Coinmerce
Coinmerce has entered into a referral agreement with BUX, meaning BUX is discontinuing its cryptocurrency services. All customers, after agreeing, will be automatically transitioned to Coinmerce.

What happens to the BUX Token?
The BUX Token is not part of the "migration" and will not transfer to Coinmerce. For more information about the BUX Token, contact BUX.

I have +1,000 BUX Tokens?
Then you'll enjoy 12 months of free trading at Coinmerce. Free trading will be possible from December 19th, 2023 till December 20th, 2024. The applicable users will receive monthly rebates in euros.

Where can I go for further help or support?
For additional questions or support, you can contact Coinmerce customer service. They are ready to assist with any concerns or questions (website chat, e-mail or by telephone)

Do I need to do anything to switch to Coinmerce?
No, the transition to Coinmerce is automatic for all BUX users. No action is required on your part except for the ID and bank verification.

What happens to my customer data and cryptocurrencies?
Customer data and cryptocurrencies are securely migrated to Coinmerce in periodic batches. Your data privacy and security are handled with care.

Will I be notified when my account is transferred?
Yes, once your data is transferred to Coinmerce, you will receive an email. This email will contain instructions to complete your account registration with Coinmerce.

What do I need to do after receiving the email?
After receiving the email, you need to complete your account registration with Coinmerce. This includes bank and ID verification. Follow the instructions in the email to access your cryptocurrencies.

Do I still have access to my cryptocurrencies during the transition?
During the transition period, there may be temporary limited access to your cryptocurrencies. Once the transition is complete and verification is done, you will have full access to your account with Coinmerce.

Are there any costs associated with transitioning to Coinmerce?
No, there are no additional costs associated with the automatic transition to Coinmerce. Coinmerce will facilitate a smooth transition without extra charges for users.

Are all cryptocurrencies available at Coinmerce?
Coinmerce offers a wide range (300+) of cryptocurrencies and all cryptocurrencies can be transferred (except the BUX Token).

How long does the transition from BUX to Coinmerce take?
The migration takes place in periodic batches. The exact duration may vary (several days), but you will receive an email once the migration is complete and you can finalize your account with Coinmerce.

Is my data secure during the transition?
Yes, the migration of data is performed in an encrypted manner. Coinmerce ensures that your personal data and cryptocurrencies are securely transferred and stored.

What happens next?
Once you have accepted the migration, BUX will migrate personal data and cryptocurrencies in periodic batches. Once Coinmerce has processed them, you will receive an email to complete your account verification.

Do I need to verify my bank and ID details again with Coinmerce?
Yes, as part of the transition process, you need to complete bank and ID verification with Coinmerce. This is a standard procedure to ensure the security of your account.

What happens if I do not complete the verification?
It is important to complete the verification to access your cryptocurrencies with Coinmerce. Failure to complete verification may impact your account functionality.

What if I already have an account with Coinmerce?
If you already have an account, your BUX cryptocurrencies will be added to your existing Coinmerce account.

Can I change my account details at Coinmerce after the transition?
Yes, you can change your account details at Coinmerce, including personal information and security settings, such as your password and two-factor authentication.

Can I use a referral link?
No, BUX users can not use a referral link because Coinmerce already has a referral agreement with BUX.