How do I apply for a PRO account?

With a PRO account on Coinmerce, you can increase your daily and weekly trading limits in consultation with Coinmerce, allowing for greater flexibility and higher transaction volumes. Here‘s what you need to do to get a PRO account:

Steps to Apply for a PRO Account

Initial Request:

Send an email to [email protected] requesting a PRO account.

​Provide Source of Funds and Documents:
- Fill in the attached Source of Funds form included in their response.
- Collect the requested supporting documents, which typically include proof of address and proof of the source of funds.

​Schedule a Video Interview:
- After submitting the required documents, Coinmerce will contact you to schedule a video interview.

​Video Interview:
- If we need more information we will schedule a video call. During the video call, you will need to provide identification.
- You will discuss your application, the supporting documents, your plans with the PRO account, and your desired limits.

​Review and Decision:
- Following the interview and review of your submitted documents, Coinmerce will make a decision regarding your PRO verification.
- If the decision is positive, the PRO verification is generally implemented immediately, allowing you to quickly benefit from the increased trading limits.