Fees overview

Read all about our low and transparent fees for trading, depositing and withdrawing at Coinmerce in this overview. 

Trading fees

Trading fees are the fees that are processed with every buy, sell, swap or exchange view order. These trading fees do not include any spread and slippage. Read more below.
Buy order (incl. Direct iDeal)
Sell order0,50%
Swap order0,50%

Deposit fees

Payment methodFees €Fees %LimitSpeed
iDeal€ 0,30€ 0,00
€ 10.000
Bank transfer€ 0,00€ 0,00
€ 20.000
Instant up to 2 days*
Sofort€ 0,35
€ 10.000
To 3 working days
*If your bank supports Instant SEPA, direct transfers are processed within minutes.

What is spread?

The spread is the difference between the best bid price and the last ask price at a specific moment for a particular digital currency. In crypto assets with relatively lower trading volumes, there is a higher likelihood of spread, as demand and supply are further apart.

What is slippage?

If the price at which your order is executed does not match the requested price, there is a so-called slippage. This occurs when the market moves against or in favour of your transaction, and the originally entered price is no longer available at the time the order is processed.

Transaction fees for digital assets

Transferring crypto to your Coinmerce account is free of charge. The costs for withdrawing digital currencies vary per coin, depending on the fees and capacity of the blockchain. Coinmerce does not charge any additional transaction fees for sending crypto.


With limit orders, it is unfortunately not possible to predict in advance if a slightly higher fee will be charged. For this reason, you may not receive a notification beforehand. However, this only occurs with cryptocurrencies that have very low volume, so it does not happen with popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. By activating the limit order, the user agrees to this condition.