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Crypto News: PostNL launches new series of 'Crypto stamps'

Crypto News: PostNL launches new series of 'Crypto stamps'

Welcome to another new crypto news summary. All the important news and events within the world of cryptocurrency from last week (June 12, 2023 to June 16, 2023) are summarized for you below, so that you are completely up to date again before you head into the weekend.

Do you want to know what news there was within the world of cryptocurrency this week? Then read on quickly!

PostNL launches crypto stamps

In 2022, the Dutch post office PostNL announced that they would launch a series of NFTs based on their own stamps. These special stamps were received with such enthusiasm that PostNL already has plans for a second series.

Recently, PostNL announced through a press release that they will once again partner with Österreichische Post, and this time the partnership will be expanded to include POST Luxembourgh. For POST Luxembourgh, the world of NFTs is still completely new and the company is eager to participate. Like last year, the stamps will be released simultaneously in the three countries.

Although the design of the new stamps is still secret, there is no doubt that this new series will undergo a change, which will help maintain its value. Like the previous series, the new NFT stamps will also be limited edition. This means they may become rarer over time.

The exact release date of the new series has not yet been announced by the company, but PostNL promises to release more information on this later. So it will be a while before these unique and sought-after NFT stamps will be available again.

Bitcoin fans create world's largest Bitcoin logo in South America

In Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, a group of Bitcoin fanatics created the largest Bitcoin (BTC) logo in the world. This happened at an event where people gathered to demonstrate for financial freedom, privacy and crypto.

The 40-meter Bitcoin logo was formed by hundreds of people with orange umbrellas. The logo was created on a large field in the Argentine capital. Through this action, organizers of the event hope to inspire crypto communities worldwide.

Bitcoin, alongside the U.S. dollar, is very popular in Argentina. However, the country has been struggling with skyrocketing inflation for years. Therefore, 60% of Argentina's population sees bitcoin as a lifeline.
Adidas comes out with a digital sneaker collection
Adidas, a huge powerhouse in sportswear, footwear and more, is by now no stranger to the world of NFTs. In late 2021, the company joined forces with the likes of Bored Ape Yacht Club and introduced its own NFT collection called "Into The Metaverse. Now the company has partnered with NFT artist FEWOCiOUS to release a brand new NFT collection tied to real-life sneakers.

According to the launch website, the collection includes both physical and digital products.

Starting June 22, 4.500 ''Trefoil Flower Mint Passes'' will be available on the platform OpenSea for minting. The final owners of these will have ''later in the summer'' the exclusive opportunity to redeem them for the physically created Adidas Originals Campus 00 sneaker.

The process of minting is divided into a pre-sale with three levels, followed by a public mint. These different levels are determined by holding specific NFTs from previous launches by Adidas and FEWOCiOUS.