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Binance offers Dutch users switch to Coinmerce

Binance offers Dutch users switch to Coinmerce

Coinmerce could become largest crypto platform in the Netherlands

Schiphol-Rijk 06-07-2023 - Binance will exit the Dutch market on 17 July 2023. Coinmerce, one of the Netherlands' first crypto platforms registered with De Nederlandsche Bank (The Dutch Central Bank), has reached an agreement with Binance that hundreds of thousands Dutch users will be referred to the Coinmerce platform. This referral means Coinmerce can become the largest crypto platform in the Netherlands in products, assets and users. As a Dutch party, Coinmerce's core strategy is to provide the most accessible platform possible.

Binance users can choose to easily transfer their digital assets to Coinmerce for free. Users are informed and fully supported during the transferring process. Welcoming the new users is part of Coinmerce's growth strategy to become Europe's largest crypto platform.

Nick Smits van Oyen, co-founder of Coinmerce: "We are very proud of this partnership with Binance. We offer these users an equivalent platform that complies with all European laws and regulations. The transition will be smooth and is, in consultation with Binance we have made the transition for users as easy as possible. The user will receive an email from Binance and from there the simple step-by-step process will start."

Jaap de Bruijn, CEO of Coinmerce: "Our priority is to ensure an orderly transition. Urgent treatment of these users is necessary. The crypto assets of the Dutch users at Binance will be transferred to Coinmerce via a controlled transition. "

Coinmerce has been setting the standard for secure and easy crypto currency trading and storage in the Netherlands and 11 other countries since 2018. Binance says: "We have great confidence in Coinmerce because they have a secure platform for our users, we feel comfortable that they can continue trading in a trusted environment. This is partly why we choose Coinmerce."