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Bitcoin Pizza Day 2024

Bitcoin Pizza Day 2024

Celebrate this historic Bitcoin Pizza Day with Coinmerce! Coinmerce has rented two amazing pizza trucks that will be driving through the Zuidas area. Do you have a Coinmerce account? Then you will receive a delicious pizza in honor of this historic day. Let your taste buds dance and join the Coinmerce community.

What is Bitcoin Pizza Day?

On May 22, 2010, a man in Florida paid a whopping 10,000 Bitcoin (BTC) for two pizzas. When Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas from Papa John's that day, it was considered the first-ever purchase with Bitcoin. This transaction paved the way for the financial revolution caused by cryptocurrency.

And how much would those two $25 pizzas cost today? That would amount to approximately $710 million.

Since then, this memorable day has been called 'Bitcoin Pizza Day' to commemorate the day Bitcoin was first used for commercial purposes.

How do we celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day?

At Coinmerce, we are celebrating this special day together with our community! We have rented 2 pizza trucks and we will be giving out free pizza in the Zuidas area. But beware, you won't get this pizza just like that. If you can prove that you have a Coinmerce account, you will receive free pizza as a tribute to Bitcoin Pizza Day.

Our pizza trucks can be found at the Gustav Mahlerplein 16, 1082 MA Amsterdam. Will you come too?

Terms & Conditions

Coinmerce Pizza Giveaway Terms and Conditions
1. Campaign Overview
Coinmerce is excited to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day by offering free freshly baked pizza to users of our app. The giveaway will take place on 22nd May 2024, between 11:30 and 14:30, at two locations in the Zuidas Area.
2. Eligibility
To be eligible for the free pizza giveaway, individuals must be users of the Coinmerce app and therefore at least 18 years old.
Only users who present the QR code available under "Account" within the Coinmerce app will be eligible for a free pizza.
Individuals who create a Coinmerce account at the giveaway location using the special QR codes provided will also be eligible for a 5 euro reward after completing the account verification process.
3. Offer Details
Coinmerce will provide free freshly baked pizza to app users who present the designated QR code under the "Account" section of the Coinmerce app at the giveaway locations.
The 5 euro reward for new account sign-ups will be credited to the user's Coinmerce account after successful verification of the newly created account.
The offer is subject to availability and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last.
4. Limitations
The offer is limited to the availability of pizza at the giveaway locations.
Coinmerce reserves the right to end the promotion at any time, without prior notice, if supplies run out or for any other reason deemed necessary by Coinmerce.
5. General Terms
Coinmerce reserves the right to modify or cancel the promotion at any time, without prior notice, for any reason.
By participating in the promotion, users agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.
Coinmerce may request proof of identity or eligibility at any time.
Eating the pizza is at your own risk.
These Terms and Conditions are subject to Dutch law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Amsterdam.
By participating in the Coinmerce Pizza Giveaway, users agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.