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Bitcoin reaches €50,000

Bitcoin reaches €50,000

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has risen significantly overnight and has even surpassed the €50,000 mark. The crypto community is excited. Will Bitcoin finally show a new all-time high before the halving?

Price shoots to highest level in 2 years

Bitcoin shot up to a peak of €52,204 ($56.661) last night. This is the highest price in a whopping 2 years. The Bitcoin price has experienced a 10% increase in just one day. But Bitcoin has been showing impressive numbers all month, as the cryptocurrency has already risen 35% in one month.

New record for Bitcoin ETFs

But this is not the only good news for Bitcoin. The new Bitcoin ETFs achieved impressive records yesterday. For example, Grayscale's Bitcoin ETF saw the smallest outflow so far, which was only €20.63 ($22.4). As a result, the total inflow into all ETFs combined amounted to €478 ($520) million.