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Bitcoin reaches €60.000

Bitcoin reaches €60.000

Bitcoin (BTC) has once again set a new record. The cryptocurrency surpassed the highest price in two years last week, reaching €50,000. After surpassing this magical threshold, the price of Bitcoin has now exceeded €60,000.

Bitcoin breaks price record

At the time of writing, BTC is at a respectable €60,168 ($65,252). This brings the price very close to its record in dollars, which is $69,000. These impressive numbers for BTC are a result of the great month in which the cryptocurrency increased by over 50%.

Bitcoin ETF

One of the factors contributing to this significant rise in Bitcoin is, of course, the launch of new Bitcoin ETFs in the United States. These publicly traded funds have attracted a considerable amount of capital in just a month and a half at an unprecedented speed.

These ETFs make it easier than ever for individual investors in the US to invest in Bitcoin, but they also open doors for institutional investors to invest in BTC.