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Weekly crypto news: Coca Cola en launch World Cup NFTs

Weekly crypto news: Coca Cola en launch World Cup NFTs

Welcome to this week‘s crypto news summary. All the important news and events within the crypto world from this week (5 December to 11 December) are summarized below, by reading this you are fully up to date again on all the crypto news before heading into the weekend.

Do you want to know what news there was this week within the crypto world? Then read along quickly!

Is Twitter going to launch their own cryptocurrency?

Ever since Elon Musk, the richest man on earth, took over the social media platform Twitter, speculations surrounding the platform have been running at full speed. The price of the popular meme-coin Dogecoin (DOGE) seems to be affected every time rumors arise around the platform.

On November 28, for example, DOGE‘s price went up sharply after Elon Musk shared slides from his first major company presentation. In this presentation, he showed ideas for a “Twitter 2.0” in which he dropped ideas about so-called ‘payments‘ on the platform. This created optimism among dogecoin holders for an integration of the meme-coin into Twitters‘ payment options.

Rumors have also been brought into the world by technology blogger and app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who shared an image on Twitter and LinkedIn about a so-called “Twitter Coin”. Whether this Twitter Coin will be a cryptocurrency is still unclear.

Coca Cola and launch World Cup Soccer NFT's

During the World Cup in Qatar, which brings together millions of soccer fans in the battle for the golden cup, is an ideal opportunity for companies to launch a non-fungible-token (NFT) collection. Coca Cola is not letting the opportunity pass by and has teamed up with to launch NFT‘s in honor of the Qatar World Cup.

For example, in October, the World Football Federation FIFA announced a partnership with Algorand (ALGO), the FIFA‘s first official blockchain partner, to launch an NFT platform for digital collectibles concerning soccer. These NFT‘s will allow soccer fans to win rewards such as access to matches and physical merchandise.

Coca Cola, an official World Cup sponsor, is the next to use the biggest soccer event of the year for its own NFT collection. The collaboration involves the launch of “Piece of Magic”, a collection of 10.000 NFT‘s inspired by the Qatar World Cup.

National fan tokens plummet hard during World Cup

Of the 32 countries who started the World Cup, only 8 are still competing in the race for the world title in Qatar. The World Championship, which is still in full swing, is having its impact on the rates of fan tokens of the participating national teams.

Just last month it was announced that the fan tokens of national teams were rising in the run-up to the World Cup in Qatar. Especially the countries that would participate in the World Cup were becoming increasingly popular among investors.

Mainly, the fan tokens of countries participating in the World Cup have taken big hits since the beginning of the World Cup. Fan tokens of countries such as Portugal and Argentina had hit an all-time high two days before the opening match but have only gone downhill since the World Cup kicked off.

Fan tokens generally react to on-field performance. For example, Spain‘s fan token price had a big drop after the elimination against Morocco.

Decentraland launches virtual property renting for land owners

Metaverse platform Decentraland has announced a new platform feature. With this new platform feature, Decantraland offers its users a chance to virtually own land and rent it out to other people. People who own a piece of land can now officially rent out their property to other platform users for predetermined periods of time.

Using this new platform feature, Decantraland users can earn passive income from their metaverse assets.

All the platform‘s renting is done in MANA, the token of Decantralands and is paid in total upfront. The platform already came up with examples of digital universities renting land to build campuses and DJ‘s renting space for a club or party. As with most leases of physical property, Decantraland landlords cannot sell the land they rented, nor can they receive offers to buy until the lease period ends.

Ledger teams up with iPod maker for new hardware wallet

Hardware wallet-maker Ledger is one of the few parties that is managing to benefit substantially from the collapse of central parties within the crypto industry. Ledger is a big name within the hardware wallet industry and the company does not seem to be sitting still in terms of innovations.

Ledger has teamed up with Tony Fadell, creator of Apple‘s Ipod and co-founder and former CEO of thermostat company Nest, together they plan to create the latest hardware wallet called “Ledger Stax”.

With this latest model, the hardware wallet manufacturer hopes to market a more stylish and functional device that can win mass adoption among crypto users. Ledger Stax is the size of a credit card with built-in magnets, allowing multiple devices to be easily stacked. The outside of the Ledger Stax can display transaction details and even non-fungible-tokens (NFTs). You can also customize your lock screen by setting your favorite NFT or picture as the background.