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Coinmerce and crypto fund Icoinic entered into a joint venture.

Coinmerce and crypto fund Icoinic entered into a joint venture.

Schiphol-Rijk 07-03-2024 | Yesterday, the Dutch trading platform Coinmerce entered into a joint venture with crypto fund Icoinic. The team behind Coinmerce has acquired a majority stake in Icoinic. With this collaboration, Coinmerce aims to strengthen its position within Europe and provide an alternative to the Bitcoin ETF.


Icoinic was founded in 2017 in the financial heart of Amsterdam, Beursplein 5. The crypto fund is registered with the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and manages multiple crypto funds. Investors can invest in crypto with a minimum investment of €100,000 without having to worry about self-management.

Wilhelm Roth, CEO of Icoinic, is looking forward to the collaboration: "Together with Coinmerce, we have a unique proposition in the Dutch market. With the capabilities of a tech company, like Coinmerce, we can further improve and expand our products and services. We will reveal more about that soon.

Alternative to Bitcoin ETFs

Coinmerce CEO Jaap de Bruijn says the acquisition comes at the right time: Bitcoin has just surpassed the record of $69,000, partly due to the launch of the Bitcoin ETF. Through this ETF, investors can invest in Bitcoin via asset managers. This clearly shows that investors want to diversify into crypto without having to take on the management themselves. What sets Icoinic apart from this ETF is that investors can choose from different risk profiles with corresponding returns. There is the more defensive Delta-neutral Fund, but also the Algorithmic Fund, which has performed 2.5 times better than Bitcoin so far."

Binance & BUX

Last year, Binance and BUX referred their Dutch customers to Coinmerce. Thanks to these referrals, Coinmerce has become one of the largest Dutch cryptocurrency trading platforms.

About Coinmerce

Founded by brothers Nick and Luc Smits van Oyen in 2017, Coinmerce was one of the first crypto platforms in the Netherlands with the aim of making crypto accessible to everyone. With 350+ coins, Coinmerce has the largest coin offering of all European platforms. It distinguishes itself in terms of security and accessibility: a simple and user-friendly platform with low fees that anyone can use. In 2020, Coinmerce received its registration from De Nederlandsche Bank for offering crypto-related services. With new registrations obtained in France and Spain in 2023, Coinmerce takes the next step in its international growth ambition.