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Coinmerce launches their new app!

Coinmerce launches their new app!

Download the new app now. The app makes it easier to buy, sell, swap & stake cryptocurrencies. New features are launched and even staking is possible with rewards up to 10%.

Buy crypto faster & easier

Buying, selling and swapping your crypto is easier than ever before. You can make your desired transaction in a few simple steps. All more efficient than before!

Grow your passive income with staking

With staking you can easily extend your financial positions. Staking is free of cost. The only thing you have to do is to pick the right coin and activate the staking process. At Coinmerce, staking is already possible with Cardano, Polkadot, Solana, Algorand, Cosmos and Kava. In the upcoming weeks we‘re extending our staking possibilities with; Tezos, Kusama, Mina Protocol and Flow.

External wallets

The new app gives you the option to link your external wallets to your Coinmerce account. In this way, you decide what to do with your cryptocurrencies. Create a private, hardware or custodial wallet quickly and easily.

52 new upcoming coins

In 2022, we are listing new coins every week. This year we‘ve already listed; Axie Infinity, Flow, THORChain and Quant. In the upcoming weeks you can expect Klaytn, Arweave and Serum to be listed at Coinmerce

Faster & more efficient

The new Coinmerce app is equipped with a new technology. Due to this adjustment, the app is now faster and more efficient than ever!

Upcoming events

Now a new funding of the app is there, we can start to expand our functions. You can think of a dark mode and price notifications. Ofcourse, we are also creating new and fun actions for you as a client!

Download the app

Download the app via iOS or Android.

Dowload the app for Apple:
Download the app for Android:

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