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Trading platform Coinmerce opens first physical crypto store in the Netherlands

Trading platform Coinmerce opens first physical crypto store in the Netherlands

Coinmerce, a company founded by two Dutch brothers, will open the first crypto store in the Netherlands on December 9. Coinmerce is a large European cryptocurrency trading platform that, with this store, aims to make investing in cryptocurrencies accessible, safe and understandable for everyone. In the so-called Crypto Information Center, located in Amstelveen, it is possible to be informed with or without an appointment and to purchase cryptos yourself.

Nine percent of all Dutch people expect to get into Bitcoin within the next 12 months. This is shown in the Bitcoin Monitor, a recent report by independent market research firm Markteffect. Almost one million Dutch people (7%) already own Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. The survey shows that 45% of the Dutch indicate lack of knowledge as the number 1 reason not to invest in Bitcoin.

At Coinmerce, they think change is long overdue. Founder Nick Smits van Oyen: “The number of traditional banks, where you can walk in for financial information, is getting smaller every year. This is weird because personal contact is often the basis for confidence in a financial product. We are responding to this trend by opening our new store. You can walk into our shop for a question or a cup of coffee. This way we are turning something purely digital into something physical. Our personal approach and extensive knowledge should make crypto more accessible and understandable for a large group of people. In this way, we hope to create more confidence for the new money of the future."

Crypto store

The crypto store in Amstelveen's mall, Stadshart, is there for crypto laymen, crypto connoisseurs and everything in between. Through a personal conversation, you can get yourself fully informed by an employee. But you can also look around on your own and brush up your general knowledge with videos that answer frequently asked questions. Are you fully informed, and do you know what you want to invest in? Then you can create an account on one of the protected desktops in the back of the store to make your first crypto purchase. If the Crypto Information Center turns out to be a success, Coinmerce will open several crypto stores in Europe in the coming years.

The Coinmerce store is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm after the current corona measures are dismissed (the store closes at 5 pm until then). On Thursdays, the store closes at 9 pm. You can walk in without any obligation at Binnenhof 27 in Amstelveen. If you want to schedule a personal appointment with a member of staff in advance, you can do so at To celebrate the opening of the Netherlands‘ first crypto store, every new account will receive €10 worth of Bitcoin for free.

Gift cards

Starting December 20, just in time for Christmas, physical crypto gift cards will be available in the Coinmerce store. The first physical crypto gift card in the Netherlands works the same as any other gift card. After entering your code, the gift card‘s value will be attributed to your Coinmerce account.

About Coinmerce

Coinmerce is a large European cryptocurrency trading platform with thousands of users, headquartered in the Netherlands. You can easily buy Bitcoin and 160+ other cryptocurrencies via iDeal and other payment methods. Founders (and brothers), Nick and Luc Smits van Oyen, noticed in 2016 that it was extremely difficult to enter the crypto market. Websites that offered to buy crypto were very complicated, which made purchasing very difficult. The fact that well-known platforms were located in foreign countries did not help trust and accessibility either. To solve that problem, the brothers started Coinmerce in 2017 with the goal of making investing (and trading) in cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone. Learn more at