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3 barriers that Coinmerce tackles

3 barriers that Coinmerce tackles

The main barriers starting with current cryptocurrency platforms can be described as usability, security, and education.

The user-interface of existing exchanges indicate that they are mainly built for professional traders and tech-adjective consumers. Therefore, existing solutions are still too complicated for the average user to understand and for mass adoption to take place. History has proven that exchanges that don‘t have security as a priority are not the exemption but the standard. Cryptocurrency being stolen in hacks or internal fraud, unfortunately, is regular news within the industry. The lack of education and knowledge-sharing functionalities that are essential to help starting investors get familiar with the new digital economy and encourage the adoption of digital currencies.

Coinmerce aims to address these issues through:

# User-friendly website and app

The user interface is the first interaction with every user. As one of the primary product features, we have built a user-friendly cryptocurrency trading app, including a fiat gateway. The gateway establishes the crucial functionality that bridges the traditional world of finance (fiat) with the new digital economy (cryptocurrency).

# Smart Order System

Another tech-feature that we believe separates us from the current competitors is that Coinmerce is connected to other exchanges in the market. With the Smart Order technique, we efficiently allocate orders from users across different exchanges, at the same time as searching for the best rates available. When a user places an order, this order is sliced up into smaller orders. These smaller orders are allocated through our network and then executed for the best rates across the exchanges we are linked to. This way, we focus on offering our users a solution to buy or sell their assets for the best prices available.

# Learning Portal

Our goal is to create a platform that is designed to encourage knowledge-sharing among users, with importance on skilled traders providing insight to starting investors. Additionally, Coinmerce offers step-by-step guides to educate beginners.

Luc Smits van Oyen
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