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Deposit addresses changed: pay attention when depositing

Deposit addresses changed: pay attention when depositing

In the recent period, we've made several changes on our platform. This also resulted in the change of deposit addresses. The old deposit addresses have been altered and are no longer accessible. This means that you must now deposit crypto to the new deposit addresses. Crypto sent to the old addresses will be lost. This cannot be retrieved anymore.

Therefore, make sure to follow the crypto deposit flow when making a deposit to always use the new and correct address. We recommend removing your already verified Coinmerce deposit addresses from other platforms.

Why this change?

Coinmerce always strives to make the platform as secure as possible for our users and their assets. To emphasize our commitment to security, we have expanded our partnership with custody provider Fireblocks and will use Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology to store your assets in cold storage. This is the safest way to store crypto.

Supported cryptocurrencies

Not all cryptocurrencies that we previously supported are still supported on our platform. For a real-time overview of the cryptocurrencies and networks we currently support for deposits, you can check here.