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Europe's first crypto-friendly city in Alicante

Europe's first crypto-friendly city in Alicante

Torrevieja, a tourist center in the Spanish province of Alicante, is planning to become "Europe's first crypto-friendly city" by allowing shops to accept cryptocurrency. With this, the city is embarking on an ambitious digital transformation project.

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Work to be done for Torrevieja

In order to transform Torrevieja into a crypto-friendly city in Europe, the local government and businesses will digitize local trade with blockchain technology.

The first phase of the transformation project is focused on promoting trade. This phase aims to enable customers to pay for their products and services with cryptocurrencies and other crypto assets.

In the two subsequent phases, the city will attempt to restore natural spaces and create new jobs and funding for companies in the technology sector.

This plan by the Spanish city is another significant step towards the adoption of cryptocurrency.