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Crypto fund Icoinic now continues as Coinmerce Capital

Crypto fund Icoinic now continues as Coinmerce Capital

Following the acquisition by Coinmerce, Icoinic will now operate under the name Coinmerce Capital. The oldest crypto investment fund in the Netherlands was founded in 2017 with the aim of making crypto more accessible to affluent investors. In March, it was announced that Icoinic and Coinmerce would join forces to serve both private, retail, and institutional clients as both a brokerage and asset management firm. Following complete integration, Icoinic will continue as Coinmerce Capital.

As the oldest crypto fund, Icoinic was known for its strong position in the Dutch crypto market. With multiple investment funds offering different risk profiles, customers could choose which fund to invest in. With the transition to Coinmerce's larger team, the crypto asset manager says it can significantly expand and optimize the funds. "Our mission is to make crypto investments as accessible as possible," says Jaap de Bruijn, CEO of Coinmerce. "We aim to lower the entry threshold of €100,000 soon so that even our brokerage clients can participate in crypto funds."

Unique proposition

Thanks to the unique combination of brokerage services and fund management, Coinmerce Capital is the only party that can offer its customers flexible trading and investment options in crypto. Investors can choose the investment method that suits them best; buying and selling crypto themselves or participating in a managed crypto fund for a longer period, all within the same company.

Launch of a new fund

To herald this new era, Coinmerce Capital will host an exclusive event in Amsterdam on May 24, where a new fund will also be launched. New and loyal customers are welcome to celebrate together for a promising future. Various speakers, including Jasper Verwaal (Deloitte), Wilhelm Roth (CEO of Coinmerce Capital), and Jaap de Bruijn himself, will discuss the possibilities in the crypto market, in which Coinmerce is determined to be the leading player in crypto asset management.

Icoinic is registered with the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets. In addition, Coinmerce is registered with the Dutch Central Bank, the Autorité des marchés financiers, and the Banco de España. To find out more, check out the new website by Coinmerce Capital