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Magic Eden launches multi-chain wallet

Magic Eden launches multi-chain wallet

On January 29th, Magic Eden, a popular marketplace for NFTs, announced that they will be launching their new multi-chain wallet via X. This wallet will support the largest blockchain networks, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Solana (SOL).

A user-friendly multi-chain wallet

The new wallet from Magic Eden is focused on ease of use and offers various features, such as cross-chain swaps, management of NFT wallets, and the ability to trade NFTs directly from the wallet.

The development of the wallet is being done in collaboration with Exodus and was tested by a small group in November 2023. The wallet belongs to the self-custody type, which means that users retain full control over their own assets. This is because users themselves possess the private keys.

Magic Eden is now doing everything they can to attract early users. As such, they are offering limited in-wallet mints of NFT projects, such as Claynosaurx and Degenerate Ape Academy. Additionally, users can also expect airdrops in the month of February.

Although Magic Eden originally focused on the Solana community, the marketplace expanded in November 2022 to also provide support for Polygon (MATIC) NFTs. Bitcoin and Ethereum were successfully added in 2023.