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Ethereum is coming with a major network update

Ethereum is coming with a major network update

It is just a matter of time until Ethereum (ETH) launches its next major network update. The big update, called Dencun, has now been successfully activated on Ethereum's latest test network. We now have to wait for Dencun to be passed on to the mainnet.

Ethereum update after successful testing

The new network update has been tested on the most thorough test environment for Ethereum updates, called Holesky. Holesky was launched in September last year and is known for the large number of validators it contains compared to Ethereum's mainnet. The fact that the update comes out successfully from this test environment is good news for Ethereum.

Dencun was already rolled out on the test networks Goerli and Sepolia. On these test networks, developers had the opportunity to fix any bugs before the update was tested on Holesky, the final test before the update.

Dencun's main goal is to improve the scalability of Ethereum. The update can also lower transaction costs for Rollups.

Now that the update has been successfully simulated on all test networks, we are waiting for the official launch. However, Ethereum developers have not yet announced an official date for the rollout on the mainnet. The lead developer of Ethereum has stated that the exact date will likely be announced next week.