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Move to Earn with your own Tour de France

Move to Earn with your own Tour de France

This month marks the beginning of the most famous cycling race in the world: the Tour de France. Dozens of professional cyclists from around the globe will embark on a designated route, often traversing the mountainous landscapes of France and neighboring countries. In each stage, riders not only get to experience a beautiful route or compete for the coveted yellow jersey but also earn money based on their performance. The amount increases as they rank higher on the leaderboard. Additionally, all cyclists receive sponsorships from various companies and organizations. Coinmerce is also involved by sponsoring Team Jumbo-Visma, supporting the cyclists in their challenging race. Even if you're not a professional cyclist, you can still get "sponsored" for your physical activities through Move2Earn apps.

What is Move2Earn?

Move2Earn, also known as Play2Health or Burn2Earn, is a Web 3.0 concept that utilizes mobile apps to reward people for their physical activities and movements, leveraging blockchain technology. The idea is to download a specific app and use it during your daily activities, such as cycling, walking, or running. You'll need to carry your mobile phone or wear a smartwatch to track your movements. In some cases, you may need to "buy-in" to the app by purchasing NFT sneakers, for example, before you can start using your new digital shoes.

There are various apps that implement the Move2Earn concept. We will highlight a few of them later on. These apps typically use your location or motion sensors to track your activity and reward you with points or cryptocurrency based on the distance covered or the duration of the activity. The earned points or tokens can then be redeemed for various rewards, such as gift cards, discounts, or even real currency. This incentivizes people to engage in more physical activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The more you move, the more you earn.

Training Together as a Team

Move2Earn apps can also incorporate social elements, such as comparing activities with friends, participating in challenges, or sharing achievements on social media. This creates a sense of community that encourages interaction among users. Just like the cyclists in the Tour de France, you can join together as a team to compete against each other or simply complete a stage together. The more distance you cover, the more rewards you earn.

It's important to note that there are various Move2Earn apps and games available in the market, each with its own specific features, reward programs, and terms of use. Furthermore, there are multiple apps tailored to different sports. Some games are specifically designed for running or jogging, while others focus on cycling or road racing. Let's delve into a few of these apps.

Digital Fitness (DEFIT)

The Digital Fitness app focuses on multiple aspects of sports, including walking, running, and cycling. You can track your activities using your smartwatch and earn DEFIT tokens. The app is free to use, but you can spend DEFIT tokens on various NFTs. The sense of community is crucial in Digital Fitness, as it allows users to motivate each other to achieve their goals. Additionally, top-performing players are rewarded with free NFTs during specific periods. By fostering a community, Digital Fitness aims to improve global health and prevent cardiovascular diseases. They believe that by helping and supporting one another, people can be encouraged to lead more active lives.

Bikearn (RTE)

An app specifically geared towards cycling is Bikearn. This web 3 Exercise app incorporates M2E and Gamefi elements, allowing you to earn RTE tokens by cycling. This includes both intense rides and daily commutes to school or work. The app provides routes that you can explore on your bike. You can track and compare your rides with friends who also use the app. The more you cycle, the more RTE tokens you earn, which can be used to customize your NFT bike. Will you join the Tour de France this summer with the Bikearn app?


One of the most well-known Move2Earn apps is STEPN. With this app, your movement is tracked using a GPS tracker. It primarily focuses on walking, jogging, and running. Before starting, you purchase an NFT sneaker. By being active, you can earn Green Satoshi tokens, which can be used for in-app purchases. The app allows you to play solo or participate in marathons. You can also activate the app in the background mode, where simply owning a pair of sneakers earns you tokens. STEPN has another token called GMT. Once your sneaker reaches level 30, you can earn GMT tokens. This governance token grants you the right to participate in voting.

StepApp (FITFI)

The StepApp is based on the Step Protocol for FitFi (Fitness Finance), which is also the name of the token used in the app. In this app, you enter a metaverse where you can purchase NFT sneakers (SNEAK) to participate in various activities. You can walk, run, and compete with your friends while burning and earning KCAL. With this token, you can make in-game purchases such as sneakers, avatars, and other NFTs. The other token used is FITFI, which serves as the governance token. There are three ways to earn tokens: by playing tournaments, through microtransactions, and through Staked Play (a competition between token holders). By completing fitness quests, you can customize your avatar and climb the leaderboard. This fun and competitive environment will motivate you to work on your physical activities.


There are several ways to improve your fitness and health while earning money. While they may not involve challenging mountains or hills like in the Tour de France, every metaphorical hill you climb for yourself counts! Move2Earn apps make it even more enjoyable as you can earn tokens with them. You can save these tokens or use them for NFTs. It's the perfect way to stay active and reward both yourself and your wallet. Which app will you use to work on your fitness this summer?