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New all-time high reached by Bitcoin

New all-time high reached by Bitcoin

On Monday, March 4th, Bitcoin (BTC) reached a new all-time high in euros. The price of BTC was at its highest point at €62,470 yesterday. Today, we have already surpassed that, with a highest price of €63,334 at the time of writing. This increase is a milestone in itself and reflects the growing acceptance and interest in Bitcoin.

Market capitalization also reaches all-time high

But this is not the only all-time high that Bitcoin has reached. Market capitalization has also reached an all-time high. The total value of the 19.64 million bitcoins currently in circulation is a whopping $1.33 trillion. This is an impressive amount that is approaching a level not seen since the end of 2021.

The significant increase in market capitalization is, of course, due to the substantial rise in Bitcoin. In the past month, the price of Bitcoin has risen by almost 55%. This week, BTC is also showing good prices. The cryptocurrency has risen by almost 20% so far this week.