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Crypto News: New Coca-Cola NFTs with Dutch painters

Crypto News: New Coca-Cola NFTs with Dutch painters

Welcome to another new crypto news summary. All the important news and events within the world of cryptocurrency from last week are summarized for you below so that you are completely up to date again before you head into the weekend. Read on to find out!

Coca-Cola mixes crypto with artworks by Dutch painters

Coca-Cola has launched its own new NFT collection titled: "Masterpiece". Eight artworks are available for purchase in Coca-Cola's NFT collection.

The NFTs are classic artworks combined with the iconic Coca-Cola bottle. Two of these NFTs come from Dutch soil. They are the classic masterpieces "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Johannes Vermeer and "The Bedroom" by Vincent van Gogh. These artworks will also be linked to the famous Coca-Cola bottle.

Purchasing a Coca-Cola NFT is done with Ethereum (ETH). The NFTs are sold at prices ranging from 0.0011 ETH to 0.014 ETH, or between $2 and $25 USD.

First exchange-traded fund launched in Europe

The first Bitcoin (BTC) ETF has been launched in Europe. It was announced a while ago that Jacobi Asset Management had been given the green light by European regulators, but now the time has finally come for the exchange fund to actually be tradable. This is a great moment for crypto investors around the world.

Bitcoin ETFs, or exchange traded funds, are funds that you can buy on the stock exchange just like shares. In the case of a bitcoin spot ETF, this effectively means that investors can get direct exposure to bitcoin without having to create accounts on exchanges, or get to work with complicated wallets.

Grand Theft Auto developer steps into crypto world with Ethereum game

Take-Two Interactive Software, the developer behind the iconic "Grand Theft Auto" game, is taking a new step into the future of gaming. Through Zynga, a subsidiary it bought last year for $12.7 billion, the company unveiled their brand new game: "Sugartown", a crypto game running on the Ethereum (ETH) network.

Sugartown stands out as one of the first attempts by a major game developer to design a crypto game entirely from the ground up. Players of the game can enter the game using a crypto token. Once in the game, players can collect "energy" that allows them to participate in games to earn in-game currencies. These currencies can then be exchanged for rewards.