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New Coinmerce propositions and changes 

New Coinmerce propositions and changes 

Dear Coinmerce users,

Coinmerce is going through a lot of changes and has been in the news a lot and often lately. For me an excellent opportunity to update you.

Since Coinmerce was founded, we have been committed to transparency, service and security. In the future, these will remain our most important core values, which everyone could see in the referral deal we recently signed with Binance on behalf of Coinmerce, referring all Dutch Binance customers to our platform.
For Coinmerce, this is a significant deal. I would therefore like to inform you about the changes on our platform and the consequences this has for you as a Coinmerce customer.

Reduced Trading fees

After announcing the agreement with Binance, we lowered the platform's trading fees. This is possible due to the new economies of scale that the future brings. The new trading fee from 0.2% is the cheapest among Dutch providers with similar offerings.


To meet the wishes of all users, we have introduced a new exchange. This new front end will exist alongside the current broker screen. Here too, each user's choice is central. Everyone is free to choose the most user-friendly option for him/her.


Due to the large influx of new clients and increased assets under our management, we are temporarily reducing our Earn and Stake rates. We have agreements with extensively screened parties for our Earn and Stake program. We would like to review these agreements to earn more customer assets.

This also applies to our Staking partners. We need and want to expand on our current agreements and services.

We have reduced the rewards for all users because we cannot distinguish between 'old' and 'new' customers. We are working hard to restore the rewards you are used to from us quickly.


The reduction in our trading fees also impacts the rewards for referrals. Earlier, you were used to getting 0.3% of each trade executed by a referral on our platform. This has been changed to 15% of the transaction costs of each trade executed by the referral. As before, there is no end date, so referral rewards will always be paid if the referral continues to trade on Coinmerce.

In addition, due to the large inflow of new customers, adding new referrals is currently impossible. Coinmerce will determine when this will be possible again. Nothing will change except the reward percentage for customers who have already added a referral. So these customers will still receive referral rewards.

Regulatory impact Belgium

In addition to the abovementioned changes, several things are also changing for Coinmerce. Due to new or tightened regulations in Belgium, we have been in intensive contact with the Belgian regulator in recent months. We have been forced to adjust our platform to these new regulations. One consequence is that Coinmerce can no longer market actively in Belgium. This means the following for accounts registered with a Belgian passport:

1. Unfortunately, distributing referrals to customers with a Belgian passport is no longer possible.
2. Belgian clients can no longer be introduced as referrals.
3. Belgian customers can no longer be referred.
4. Bancontact is no longer a payment method on the Coinmerce platform. Our other payment methods are still available.

I hope to have informed you sufficiently with this message. Should there still be any questions, contacting support on our website or via e-mail at [email protected] is always possible.

You can also find a detailed explanation of this deal via the following link:

Kind regards,

Jaap de Bruijn
CEO Coinmerce