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Solana phone price skyrockets after BONK rally

Solana phone price skyrockets after BONK rally

Over the weekend, the price of memecoin BONK (BONK) experienced a massive surge, leading to an explosive demand for Solana (SOL) Saga phones. These phones are now sold out and are being offered on online marketplaces at exorbitant prices.

Significant increase in popularity and price

Despite recently lowering the price of the phones due to disappointing sales figures, the Solana Saga phones have become incredibly popular in a short period.

The sudden surge in popularity is thanks to the included airdrop of 30 million BONK tokens, which were worth more than the phone itself at the time of distribution. As a result of this airdrop, the phones were completely sold out by the end of last week.

The phones are still available on various online marketplaces, but they now come with a significantly higher price tag. Over the weekend, Solana Saga phones were sold for over $2,000, while the regular retail price is $599.

More airdrops for Solana Saga

The Solana Saga continues to be popular due to the rising value of BONK. The price of BONK reached a record high last Friday after an impressive 1,100% increase in 30 days.

Although the price of BONK has since decreased, the 30 million BONK tokens included with the phone are still worth $630, which is higher than the selling price of the Solana Saga.

Furthermore, other Solana projects like Solend (SLND) and Samoyed (SAMO) are now announcing airdrops for owners of the Saga