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Spark airdrop for XRP holders

Spark airdrop for XRP holders

Coinmerce will support the Spark (SPARK) airdrop for XRP holders.

- XRP deposits and withdrawals are turned off on December 11th 21:00 (UTC).
- On December 12th 00:00 (UTC) a snapshot will be made of all accounts that hold XRP.
- Once the snapshot is completed, XRP deposits and withdrawals are resumed.
- Buying and selling XRP remains possible.
- Accounts with less than 25 XRP are not eligible for the airdrop.

Accounts receive SPARK tokens in proportion to the XRP balance in their wallet.
The formula is as follows:

SPARK to be received = Number of XRP from account at the time of snapshot / Total number of XRP from Coinmerce * Total number of SPARK received from airdrop.

At the moment it looks like the distribution will take place in the first half of 2023, but this depends on Flare Network.

Supporting the Spark airdrop does not mean Coinmerce will listen to the token.

For more information about the Spark airdrop and the Flare Network see the official blog and website.