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Survey Results

Survey Results

Recently we asked our users to participate in a survey about our service & platform. Users could put all their experiences into this and share their feedback. Thanks for the amazing input & effort.

Transparency is one of our core values, therefor we openly share a summary of the survey hereunder.

# Security & Price

When asked; What is most important about Coinmerce for you? The answers could not have been clearer. Security and price. Well, rest assured, these two have been on top of our minds ever since we launched our platform. We all know about the exchanges being hacked and the impact of such events on the industry as a whole. Security has always been our top priority, that is why we have periodical penetration tests performed by acknowledged third parties. While platform security is our concern, some responsibility regarding individual account security rests with the user itself. That is why we try to provide users with tools which enable them to make their account as secure as possible. These include passwords, 2FA, fingerprint, and facial identification. Soon more tools like IP- and wallet whitelisting will be added.

Regarding the pricing. We believe that we are on the right path being among if not are the ‘cheapest’ broker in the market. By adding more exchanges to our network, we believe that we can become even more competitive in that sense.

# Support

Support was among the least important features of Coinmerce. We believe that good support is important to maintain contact with users and to receive feedback from you directly. For that reason, we will strive to maintain the same quality of customer support as you are used to.

# 85%

Based on your previous experience, how likely are you to make use of the Coinmerce platform again? This question had as a goal to give us an indication of how satisfied users are with Coinmerce. We were very pleased to find out that 90% of the respondents would either use Coinmerce again very likely or even extremely likely! Additionally, 95% stated that they would recommend Coinmerce to friends and family. A big motivator for the team!

# What do you want to see added?

To keep things short. It comes down to the following features requested to either be added or improved:

  • More payment methods
  • More coins
  • Improved graphs
  • Coin swapping

  • Well, we have good news. Additional payment methods are on their way, make sure you follow our social media channels to stay up to date. Furthermore, over the past four weeks, we have added 10 cryptocurrencies to our platform and will keep adding more. Regarding the improved graphs, we will definitely start working on that and try to find out what functions and features should be included. Finally, the coin swapping is a very interesting feature which we have considered for some time, this is definitely on our roadmap.

    A final note. Some users suggested features which are already available on the platform. These include:

  • 2FA security
  • Price alerts / Push notifications
  • Stop / Limit orders

  • You might not see all input in this summary, this doesn’t mean we skipped those. We have listed all input and will prioritize accordingly. Thanks again for all the feedback.
    Best regards,

    Luc Smits van Oyen | Co-Founder

    Luc Smits van Oyen
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