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Swiss hotel company steps into the world of bitcoin mining

Swiss hotel company steps into the world of bitcoin mining

Gabbani, a hotel company based in Switzerland, plans to enter the world of cryptocurrency by installing a Bitcoin (BTC) mining system. The company plans to deploy the mining equipment by using excess energy released during food production.

The news about this new project by the hotel company Gabbani was announced by Tether (USDT). This innovative initiative combines renewable energy practices with cryptocurrency mining. In addition to mining Bitcoin, Gabbani will also install 100,000 kilowatts of solar panels. It is a great move that has caught the attention of both the crypto and local communities.

The rise in electricity costs in Europe has forced Gabbani to look for creative ways to make the most of its resources. To bring down electricity costs, the hotel company has come up with this innovative solution.

In addition, Gabbani is also launching a Plan B project called "The Banettone."This project is designed to support Lugano, a city in Switzerland.This project is a joint initiative between the city of Lugano and Tether, which aims to use Bitcoin technology as the foundation for changing the city's financial structure.

Through this project, Lugano aims to accelerate the impact of blockchain and Bitcoin in all parts of its residents' daily lives. The plan consists of applying these technologies in small transactions between local merchants and larger financial exchanges, such as paying taxes. The city of Lugano has also recognized Tether and Bitcoin as legal tender for paying taxes and public services.