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TON investor becomes largest validator

TON investor becomes largest validator

Previously, crypto mining was the most common method for processing transactions on a blockchain. However, more and more blockchains are now utilizing the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, which requires "validators." The cryptocurrency project, The Open Network (TON), also adopts this approach. Recently, Web3 investment company, Animoca Brands, became the largest validator on the network.

Animoca sees potential in TON

The Open Network has recently announced a partnership with Animoca Brands, which has invested in the TON Foundation. Animoca Brands has conducted extensive research and produced two research reports, which will be used to further develop the TON ecosystem in collaboration with developers. Additionally, Animoca Brands aims to become the largest validator on The Open Network. This will help ensure network security and transaction processing.

Thanks to this collaboration and the addition of TON to Animoca Brands Research, the ecosystem can now be closely monitored. Real-time tracking of TON's active user base and network growth is now possible.

The Web3 infrastructure company has ambitious plans to further develop TON and make blockchain gaming available to all Telegram users. It is worth noting that The Open Network was created by the developers of Telegram. According to Animoca's data, TON currently has 3.9 million users, but with Telegram boasting 800 million users, there is ample room for growth.

The Open Network already has a platform for blockchain gaming, called TON Play. This platform enables developers to release mobile games. Animoca's objective is to integrate this platform into Telegram.