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Top 10 Educational Coins 2024 

Top 10 Educational Coins 2024 

These Educational Coins focus on educational purposes and aim to improve education. These cryptocurrencies focus on connecting students, teachers, and experts through decentralized platforms. In this article, we will list these innovative projects for you and tell you how these projects can change the future of education.

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1. Hooked Protocol (HOOK)

Hooked Protocol (HOOK) is a cryptocurrency that focuses on providing educational opportunities. The project aims to create a decentralized platform that connects students, teachers, and experts in a community where knowledge is shared. The goal of Hooked Protocol is to offer a wide range of educational content, such as online courses, tutorials, and learning resources, to contribute to the growth and development of the education sector.

The Hooked Protocol token, HOOK, plays a crucial role on the platform. It serves as a means of payment for accessing premium educational content and services. Users can earn HOOK tokens by contributing to the platform, such as creating or reviewing courses, or by participating in various educational activities. Owning HOOK tokens also provides users with certain benefits, such as access to exclusive content or experiences.

2. Newscrypto (NWC)

Newscrypto (NWC) is a cryptocurrency project that aims to bring together the world of cryptocurrency and education. The project's goal is to provide users with the necessary knowledge and information to trade and invest in cryptocurrency successfully. Newscrypto offers a comprehensive platform with educational resources, tools, and analysis that allows users to enhance their knowledge and skills in the crypto world.

With the NWC token, users can pay for the various services and products offered by the platform. Using NWC tokens, users can, for example, access premium educational content, advanced trading tools, and live market analysis. Additionally, users can earn NWC tokens by actively participating in the platform, such as by writing educational articles, sharing analyses, or engaging in community discussions.

3. Open Campus (EDU)

Open Campus (EDU) is a project that focuses on transforming the education sector through blockchain technology. Open Campus aims to create a decentralized platform where students, teachers, and institutions can share, collaborate, and trade educational resources. By using smart contracts and a transparent blockchain infrastructure, Open Campus strives to improve the accessibility, reliability, and efficiency of educational services.

The EDU token serves as the native cryptocurrency of the Open Campus ecosystem and is used as the primary payment method for transactions within the platform. Users can use EDU to purchase educational content and services. Users are also rewarded in the form of EDU tokens by contributing to the platform.

4. TokenFi (FI)

TokenFi (FI) is a cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the field of education through the use of blockchain technology. The project aims to create a decentralized platform that connects students, teachers, and institutions, enabling seamless collaboration and exchange of educational resources. TokenFi's mission is to democratize access to high-quality education and create a global learning ecosystem where individuals can learn, share knowledge, and earn rewards through a decentralized marketplace.

With the FI token, the native currency of the TokenFi ecosystem, users gain access to educational services, content, and products. Token holders can participate in premium courses, workshops, or purchase educational material on the dedicated marketplace.

5. BitDegree (BDG)

BitDegree (BDG) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency project that aims to bridge the gap between education and the digital economy. The project aims to create a decentralized online learning platform where students can acquire valuable skills and knowledge while earning rewards and career opportunities. BitDegree collaborates with companies and experts to offer courses and certifications in various fields, such as technology, business, and finance. By using blockchain technology, BitDegree ensures transparency, immutability, and credibility in the certification process, allowing students to showcase their skills to potential employers.

Users can use BDG tokens to access premium courses, specialized learning material, and mentorship programs. By staking and earning BDG tokens, students gain access to exclusive educational resources, networking opportunities, and even jobs through partnerships within the BitDegree ecosystem.

6. Coreto (COR)

Coreto (COR) is an educational cryptocurrency that aims to build a decentralized platform for knowledge sharing and social investing in the cryptocurrency and blockchain field. The project aims to create a reliable and transparent source of information where users can learn from experts and successful investors in the industry. Coreto utilizes smart contracts and blockchain technology to ensure authenticity and trust in following investment advice and learning about new projects.

The Coreto token (COR) plays a vital role within the platform by creating an economic ecosystem that rewards users and experts. By owning CORE tokens, users can access premium content, exclusive events, and advanced analytics tools on the platform. Experts are encouraged to share their knowledge by earning COR points, which can be converted into COR tokens.

7. Education Ecosysteem (LEDU)

Education Ecosysteem (LEDU) is an interesting educational coin that aims to transform the education system through blockchain technology. The project aims to create a decentralized platform where students, teachers, and institutions can come together to exchange knowledge and skills. Using LEDU technology, users can take courses, share learning materials, obtain certifications, and even get involved in internship and career opportunities. The platform allows users to follow personalized learning paths and provides transparency and trust in the education sector.

With LEDU tokens, users can contribute to the ecosystem, such as sharing study materials, providing peer-to-peer tutoring, or achieving good academic results. These users are rewarded in the form of LEDU. These tokens can be redeemed for various benefits, such as free courses, premium content, or even scholarships. Furthermore, the LEDU token can be used to establish and maintain smart contracts between teachers and students, enabling a fair and secure exchange of educational services.


ODEM (ODE) is a promising educational coin that aims to improve access to high-quality education through blockchain technology. The project seeks to transform the traditional education market by creating a platform that directly connects students, teachers, and institutions. ODEM utilizes smart contracts to record education activities, such as course offerings, prices, schedules, and payments. This enables students to follow personalized learning paths, while allowing teachers to reach a broader audience and efficiently offer their courses.

The token of ODEM, the ODE token, plays a crucial role on the platform by serving as a means of payment for educational services. Students can use ODE tokens to pay for courses, while teachers are rewarded with ODE tokens for their teaching efforts.


MOROS NET (MOROS) is a cryptocurrency project that aims to build a decentralized infrastructure for educational content and services. The project aims to create an open and accessible platform where users from around the world have access to high-quality educational resources and expertise. MOROS NET utilizes blockchain technology to verify, rate, and share educational content. It enables users to spread their knowledge, upload course materials, organize webinars, and engage in educational discussions.

The token of MOROS NET, the MOROS token, plays an important role on the platform, particularly as a reward for users and teachers. By actively participating in the platform and making valuable contributions, such as creating educational content, users can earn MOROS tokens. These tokens can then be redeemed for various benefits, such as premium lessons, access to exclusive events, and even the opportunity to vote on platform decisions.

10. Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI)

Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) is an innovative educational cryptocurrency that focuses on promoting artificial intelligence (AI) in education. The project aims to implement and leverage AI technologies to enhance personalized learning and efficiency in the education system. ALI aims to guide students individually with customized lesson plans and learning resources based on their needs and performance. The platform uses advanced algorithms and big data analysis to gain insights about the learning process and provide valuable information to educators for further instructional improvement.

The ALI token ensures that users have access to AI-driven learning technologies and tools. Additionally, teachers and developers are encouraged to contribute to the platform and add value to the AI ecosystem. They can earn ALI tokens by creating AI-powered lesson plans, developing educational apps, or sharing best practices. These tokens can then be used to obtain premium tools, take advanced courses, or even for rewards and recognition within the education system.