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Top 10 Hardware Wallets 2023

Top 10 Hardware Wallets 2023

A hardware wallet is the ideal way to have physical access to your cryptocurrencies. It is a physical wallet that can look like for example a USB stick or card. It allows you to receive and send your cryptocurrencies wherever you are. A hardware wallet is one of the safest ways to manage your cryptocurrencies. This is because access to your crypto coins is kept offline on the device. That makes it more secure than any other type of wallet. They are also secured with a PIN code. So if your wallet is ever stolen or lost, it‘s still impossible for anyone to access your crypto coins.

As an extra backup, it is also possible to create a 'seedphrase' when you set up your hardware wallet. This phrase is a series of 12 or 24 words. You don't have to come up with this yourself, your wallet does that for you. If you can enter the first four letters of those words into any wallet, you will have immediate access to your crypto coins.

Hardware Wallets come in many shapes and sizes. What are the best hardware wallets to manage your cryptocurrencies? Discover our top 10 here.

1. Ledger Stax

The latest released hardware wallet naturally has the most recent updates. The Ledger Stax (Q1 2023) is a touchscreen display of 88 x 54 mm and can manage up to 500 crypto coins. You do this with the Ledger Live app on your phone or laptop, which you connect via Bluetooth. Through this app you can connect the Stax with other applications, giving you access to more than 5000 crypto coins and tokens. The name comes from the word 'stacks': you can stack several Stax on top of each other thanks to the built-in magnets. You can also change the appearance of the screen yourself so that everyone can create their own unique Stax.


The first wallet with the highest secured certified OS in the world (EAL7) comes from our Belgian neighbors. The NGRAVE Zero is a 124.5 x 72.7 mm hardware wallet with a touchscreen, built-in camera, and fingerprint sensor. The wallet is 100% offline: it is air-gapped and has no Bluetooth, NFC, or Wi-Fi. However, it is resistant to fire, water, shock, and all other harmful external influences.

3. Ledger NanoX

One of the most popular hardware wallets is Ledger‘s: the Nano X is very compact and convenient in the form of a USB stick with a size of 72 x 18.6 mm. Like the other Ledger wallets, it supports many types of crypto coins. It contains a small screen, but this is not a touchscreen. You can operate the Nano X with two small buttons. Thanks to Bluetooth you can connect to the Ledger Live app on your phone to manage your crypto coins.


It‘s no coincidence that this wallet is called TREZOR One: this was the first and most famous hardware wallet on the market. You can store more than 1000 coins and tokens in this wallet. Its appearance resembles that of a car key. The wallet has a small screen and can be operated with two buttons. You can connect the wallet to your computer to make the transactions, but you can also use it on your mobile with an Android app.

5. Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S is the little brother of the Nano X. With its dimensions of 57 x 17.4 mm, this hardware wallet in the form of a USB stick is quite compact. The Nano S contains a security chip that protects your cryptos. You can connect the Nano S to any computer (USB) via a supplied cable. Nowadays you can also opt for the updated version: the Ledger Nano S Plus. It has a larger screen, more memory, and the option to store NFTs.

6. BitBox02

The ultra-compact BitBox02 is available in a Bitcoin edition and a Multi edition. As the name suggests, you can only store your Bitcoins in the Bitcoin edition, while you can also store cryptos such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and other ERC-20 tokens in the Multi edition. This hardware wallet comes from Switzerland and is very minimalistic. There are no buttons on it, but you can operate it by pressing, sliding, and holding it. The unique thing about the BitBox02 is that you can store a backup of your wallet on an SD card. This wallet can also function as a 2-factor authenticator (2FA), for example, to securely log in to an exchange.

7. TREZOR Model T

The TREZOR T is the successor to the aforementioned TREZOR One. With this new version, the buttons are replaced by a touchscreen. A total of 1797 different coins can be stored on it. Furthermore, the TREZOR T has a USB-C connection and microSD. It is a very user-friendly and secure hardware wallet that can store multiple altcoins and bitcoins.

8. SecuX V20

With its special shape, this all-round blocky hardware wallet with a metal rim has definitely earned a place in the top 10 Hardware Wallets. Released by SecuX, this wallet has a touchscreen screen with a diameter of 7 cm, which makes it very pleasant to work with. This V20 also has a rubber bottom so that it‘s protected whenever you accidentally drop it. All your coins are secured with a security chip that is CC EAL 5+ certified.

9. CoolWallet Pro

This hardware wallet literally fits in your regular wallet: it has the size of a bank card. That makes it small, thin, and very lightweight. The wallet has a handy screen and is splash-proof and bendable. Via Bluetooth, you can connect to your mobile (Android and iOS). This wallet also has 2 Factor Authentication and biometric login. Thanks to its handy shape, you can always keep it with you and manage your crypto at all times.

10. SafePal S1

Looking like a kind of thickened bank card, the SafePal S1 is a compact hard wallet, with a 1.3 inch screen and a few buttons to operate it. It also comes with a camera, so you can use the wallet fully air-gapped. This means there is no Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC or USB connection. The Safepal S1 supports almost all coins and has unlimited storage for all your coins. This way you can buy and sell unlimited cryptos.