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Top 10 Move to Earn (M2E) Coins

Top 10 Move to Earn (M2E) Coins

What is Move to Earn? The name already gives it away: you can earn money by moving your body. This trend has become hugely popular in recent years. There are several Move to Earn (M2E) apps and games you can play, rewarding you in the form of M2E tokens or NFTs. The more active you are, the more you earn! That makes it the ideal motivator to move more. You often make a small investment first before you can start earning. Of course, there are different types of games you can play that make you move. We will highlight our favourite games and coins for you!

1. Step App (FITFI)

The Step App is based on the Step Protocol for FitFi (Fitness Finance), which is also where the token used gets its name. In this app, you enter a metaverse, where you can buy NFT sneakers (SNEAK) to participate in all activities. You can walk, run and compete with your friends. This will both burn and earn you KCAL. With this token, you can make in-game purchases such as the trainers, avatars and other NFTs. The other token used is FITFI, which is used as a governance token. Step App will be launched by the end of 2021. You can earn tokens there in three ways: by playing tournaments, through microtransactions and through Staked Play (a competition between token holders). By completing fitness quests, you can pimp your avatar and rise in a leaderboard. Therefore Step App offers a fun, competitive way to work on your activity!


STEPN is similar to the Step app: you can earn tokens in the app by walking, jogging or running. It is a 'Web3 lifestyle app' built on the Solana blockchain. Launched in August 2021, the app has two types of tokens: the GMT and the Green Satoshi Tokens (GST). We will discuss the latter in more detail below. You first purchase an NFT sneaker. Via a GPS tracker, the app tracks your movement, giving you a 'proof of movement', or proof that you've actually been active. Once you reach level 30 with your sneaker, you can earn GMT. This is the governance token and thus entitles you to participate in voting. Besides encouraging you to move more, the STEPN app also contributes to the climate. In fact, they also buy Carbon Removal Credits on Solana to stay climate neutral. This makes STEPN unique in their mission towards a healthier world, for people and the planet.

3. Green Satoshi Token (GST)

The Green Satoshi Token is also part of the STEPN app. This is the token you can earn with lots of movement and activity. With it, you can make in-app purchases, buy NFTs and more. There are three play options in the app: solo, marathon mode or background mode. In the latter mode, you actually already earn GST without having to do anything except owning a pair of trainers. It is also possible to donate your GST as Carbon Removal Credit on Solana to contribute to the climate neutrality that STEPN is fighting for.

4. Sweat Economy (SWEAT)

Sweat Economy is the Web3 initiative of Sweatcoin. The latter is the fitness app that allows people to register their fitness activities and earn tokens with it. Sweatcoin is one of the most popular and most frequently downloaded fitness apps in the world. The more you exercise, the more you earn. Initially, you earn Sweatcoin, which you can think of more as a points system than a crypto token. You can then exchange these for SWEAT tokens. Therefore, you don't need to invest in digital sneakers first to join. The Sweatcoin app was launched back in 2016 and only later became part of the Move2Earn movement by adding the SWEAT token.

5. Genopets (GENE)

This game is not just about tracking your activity to live a healthier lifestyle, but you are really taking care of a digital pet. Similar to Tamagotchi, you take care of your Genopet by tracking all your movement with the app. By already performing more tasks, your Genopet gets stronger. Of course, you also need to keep your Genopet alive by feeding it. Eventually, your pet can already get stronger and evolve. You can have battles with your friends' pets in the game, which will also make your Genopet stronger again. It is also possible to create your own NFTs to pimp your pet. Within this game, you earn the KL token, which allows you to make in-game purchases, and the GENE token, which is used as a governance token.

6. Digital Fitness (DEFIT)

Digital Fitness (DEFIT) lets you track all your activities with your smartwatch. It is therefore not only Move to earn, but also Bike or Run to earn. It also comes with a whole community to motivate you and to reach your goals together. You don't need to invest in an NFT before you start: you can use the app for free. For 30 minutes of exercise, you earn a DEFIT coin. From 3,000 coins, you can become an official club member and enjoy more benefits and earn more coins. Eventually, you can even design your own NFT in the shape of a Babyfit. DEFIT coins can be used to buy accessories and other NFTs. Digital Fitness would like to improve health and prevent cardiovascular diseases worldwide. Especially with the SocialFi aspect, they want people to help each other achieve this and get everyone moving more.

7. Bikearn (RTE)

The app Bikearn, as the name suggests, is about cycling. It is a web3 Exercise app with M2E and Gamefi elements, where you earn tokens by cycling. This can be your daily ride to school or work, but of course also sports rides and long trips. You can also find routes to cycle in the app. In the app, you can keep track of all your rides and compare them with friends who also have the app. The more you cycle, the more RTE tokens you earn. With these, you can pimp your NFT bike. Bikearn launched in the summer of 2022 so is still relatively new as a Move to Earn coin. Of course, it's never too late to embark on a bike ride yourself!

8. Tamadoge (TAMA)

Part of the Tamaverse, Tamadoge aims to become the biggest meme coin. It is derived from the Tamagotchi, where you can take care of a digital pet. All Tamadoges are NFTs, which you can buy, groom and sell. You can also compete with Tamadoges of other users, with your pet getting stronger each time and moving up the rankings. By playing, you earn TAMA tokens. Not only by playing digitally, but also by letting your Tamadoge out physically you can earn tokens. The world of Tamadoges is a metaverse where you can play infinitely with your doggie. With the TAMA tokens, you can purchase everything in the metaverse by creating, fighting, buying, collecting and, of course, fighting other Tamadoges.

9. Dotmoovs (MOOV)

Dotmoovs is a unique app that works with an AI algorithm. By filming yourself with a smartphone while you exercise, the app can see exactly how much you are moving and track how you are doing. That way, you can earn MOOV. The more you move and do, the more you earn. That way, it's fair for everyone and you as a player are motivated to try harder. In the app, you can, for instance, dance along with a video, where your dance moves are monitored, or try to keep a football in the air for as long as possible. You can also buy a digital football as an NFT on the marketplace, using your MOOV token. So Dotmoovs literally monitors how well you exercise, and rewards you for it.

10. StepWatch (SWP)

This latest Move to Earn app keeps track of everything in your 'watch'. You can buy this watch as an NFT but you can also download the app and join for free. By walking, running or working out, you can earn tokens. There are two tokens within this app: SWP is the utility token with multiple applications within and outside Stepwatch, and SWE is the reward token that allows you to buy NFTs within the app. The more you move, the more you earn. By using a community on social media, you as a user will have more incentive to move.


So there are several apps that can help you stay fit. With Move 2 Earn Coins, this becomes extra fun because it lets you earn tokens. That makes it the perfect way to keep moving to reward both yourself and your wallet. You can spend the tokens in the app, for example for NFTs, but of course you can also exchange them at a crypto exchange. Are you already motivated to move extra? Some coins are already available at Coinmerce, or download one of the fitness apps to keep yourself fit!