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Trust in the crypto-space

Trust in the crypto-space

It’s no surprise that the crypto-space can be scary to new users. Most platforms aren’t easy to use, and it is hard to distinguish the good from the bad ones. These uncertainties represent a huge obstacle for the crypto-industry to achieve mass-adoption.

One of the things we worked hard for is, building a trustworthy and secure fiat ⇄ cryptocurrency gateway. We believe the crypto-space could use more reputable and transparent projects and services. We are confident that these improvements will stimulate mass-adoption.

Smart Order System

Our Smart Order system is programmed to get the “best rate per order”, by connecting with several exchanges around the world, creating a huge “liquidity network”.

This Smart Order System enables us to optimize prices and speed of trades by splitting orders and dividing them amongst different exchanges. We earn money by improving the rates of the order and taking a share of the savings that have been made.

Customer privacy

When do we share data with 3rd parties? It’s all outlined in the Coinmerce Privacy Policy. In case you are interested in these instances, the link for the privacy policy is here

In short, Coinmerce will only share your information with directly affiliated parties or those that we are required to by official authorities. Coinmerce’s primary business activity isn’t selling data to 3rd parties and we take the privacy of our customers extremely seriously. Any breaches of customer privacy will always be addressed to affected users. Coinmerce collects personal details for it’s Know Your Customer (“KYC”) and Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) processes that are required by global and local regulations. This data is only used as disclosed in the privacy policy.

Building a fair platform with your support

We believe that the trust & support of our users is key to the success of the platform. Users deserve better services & platforms, more in line with the Bitcoin philosophy. 

With your Trust & Support, we can succeed in creating a fast, secure and reliable fiat ⇄ cryptocurrency gateway

Luc Smits van Oyen
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