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Unfortunately, there is a group of fraudsters/scammers active who advise people in various ways to invest money with them through Bitcoin / Cryptocurrencies.

People often end up on broker websites through misleading advertisements where they are lured by trading software that apparently achieves a high return on investment (ROI). Here they often lose all their money, in some cases, they get a (small) part back.

Afterward, they are approached by another group of people. These people again promise the victims high returns. However, it is important that the victims first send Bitcoins / Cryptocurrencies to them. Often it is also recommended to take out loans.

Sometimes the scammers also take over the computer from the victim through TeamViewer or AnyDesk. They even suggest that they work with or for Coinmerce.

This is absolutely untrue, Coinmerce employees never contact customers by telephone. We at Coinmerce have no connection/relationship with these parties or persons.

What can you pay attention to?
  • Companies (foreign) without an existing address.
  • Highly promising returns
  • A takeover of the computer by, for example, TeamViewer
  • Do not send Bitcoins/cryptocurrencies to strangers

  • Have you been a victim of these scams? Contact us via [email protected] and file a report with the police.

    Luc Smits van Oyen
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