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Why you should use Coinmerce

Why you should use Coinmerce

In the past months, we have seen enormous interest from retail clients—new clients looking for the most convenient way to buy Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies. You probably have neighbours asking about that Ethereum blockchain thing or how to buy Bitcoin? Or suddenly a DOGE enthusiast colleague..

In any case, cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream. With so many new people searching for a safe, convenient and fast platform, I want to highlight a few reasons why Coinmerce is the right platform for you.

Your gateway to the world of crypto, Coinmerce.

1. We offer 160+ cryptocurrencies

Coinmerce gives you the possibility to build a diverse portfolio from a single platform with 160 cryptocurrencies. Instant euro deposits to buy cryptocurrencies through a buy, limit or repeat order. We add new cryptocurrencies every week; keep an eye out on our social media channels.

2. Better pricing on trades

As we are an at the Dutch Central Bank registered cryptocurrency broker, Coinmerce is connected to the global leading liquidity providers. These connections, combined with our Smart Order system, ensure you with better rates. In short, less euro's more crypto.

3. Simple to use

Everything you have heard about how difficult crypto is, forget it. Our team is constantly working on optimizing the platform's interfaces, and user flows. So, as soon as your account is set up, you can buy cryptocurrencies within three clicks. Besides, we have a clear dashboard to monitor & manage your portfolio.

4. Referral Program

Are you interested in a passive income? Within your account, you will find a unique referral link. Share this, for example, through social media with your friends & family, and when they start trading through this link, you will receive an interesting commission.

Crypto is easy now, Coinmerce.

Luc Smits van Oyen
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