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Win a trip to the World Cup in Qatar worth €4,000

Win a trip to the World Cup in Qatar worth €4,000

Recently, the Earn percentages at Coinmerce have increased. To celebrate that Coinmerce now has the highest percentages in Europe, we are giving away 2x a trip to the World Cup in Qatar for 2 people (worth €4000,-). The trip includes 13 overnight stays, a flight with Qatar Airways, access to all three group matches of the Netherlands and one extra match as a surprise.

How do I win this?!

You can have a chance in two ways. Don't have an account with Coinmerce yet? Register before October 24 and you automatically have a chance! Already have an account at Coinmerce or do you want to increase your chances? Then read on.

What if I am already a customer?

To be eligible you must have Earn and/or Staking activated. That's it. You don't have to do anything else. You can increase your chances of winning by turning on Earn and/or Staking for multiple coins. Every activated coin gives you an extra chance to win. If you have activated Earn for 5 coins and Staking for 3 coins, you have an 8x chance to win!

Do you already have Earn and/or Staking enabled for one or more coins? Then you don't have to do anything, you automatically have a chance. Like new users, you can increase your chance of winning by activating Earn and Staking for multiple coins.



- The promotion runs from October 3 to October 23, 2022.
- The giveaway is only for users residing in the Netherlands or with a Dutch passport.
- The draw will be recorded on film/video. The draw is completely random.
- All new users who create a fully verified account (identity verification completed) during the promotional period (3 to 23 October 2022) have a chance to win (1 lottery ticket).
- For every coin for which Earn is activated, you play with one ticket.
- For each coin for which Staking is activated, you play with one lottery ticket.
- Coinmerce employees are excluded from the giveaway.
- Only accounts (with completed identity verification) in the promotional period (October 3 to 23, 2022) are eligible.
- Are you a new user and not activating Earn or Staking? Then you enter 1x in the draw.
- Maximum number of tickets (chance to win) is limited to 48 tickets. One to create an account, 12 to activate Staking for coins and 35 times that same option with Earn.
- The winner will be announced on October 24, 2022 and will be notified by email.

What is Earn?

Earn is the way to put your cryptocurrencies to work. With Earn you will receive rewards on your cryptocurrencies. You will receive those rewards in the form of the cryptocurrency for which you have activated Earn. If you activate Earn for Bitcoin, your rewards are also in Bitcoin. The proceeds automatically come into your Earn wallet on which you also receive rewards. This way you create an effect of composite rewards. This snowball effect is also known as "return on return".

How do I activate Earn?

You can easily activate Earn by clicking on the coin of your choice in this Earn overview.
With a simple click on the 'Earn' button you activate a passive income. Don't have a coin yet? Then you can easily purchase it within a few clicks via iDEAL (or 7 other payment methods).