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    Ontology is not a blockchain application but a stand-alone platform. It is a network of different blockchains and has been specially set up to be able to transfer platforms within the blockchains network. Like Ethereum and NEO Ontology is made to build smart contracts and dApps.

    Ontology was founded in 2017 by the Chinese company Onchain. Onchain is a leading blockchain company in China. It is committed to building an open source and transparent trust system. Onchain lives on the technical strategy of "independent code + open-source" and always strives for the highest level. Ontchain will focus on the business sector with Ontology. Ontology should make it easy for companies to use blockchain technology without extra knowledge.


    Founder Jun Li
    Founded 2017
    Industry Decentralized ecosystem
    Website Site
    Network Ontology
    Location People's Republic of China


    Rank 28
    Market Cap 523.07 M
    Trading volume 173 M
    Circulating 637.35 M


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