Uniswap (UNI)

€ 9,66

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Uniswap Price in Euros

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€ 9,66

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€ 261.17 M

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€6.04 B

What is Uniswap

Uniswap exchanges cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts. This fully decentralized (DEX) open-source finance crypto protocol utilizes the Constant Product Market Maker Model pricing mechanism but does not accept payments; instead, it serves as a venue for users to trade without having to deal with middlemen and fees.


How does Uniswap work?

Uniswap uses the Constant Product Market Maker, which is a smart contract and has liquidity pools or reserves on which traders can trade. Anybody who deposits two tokens into the pool is considered a liquidity provider and is allowed to get a share of the fee that traders pay, the amount of which is dependent on the providers’ total pool share.


How to buy Uniswap?

Uniswap has no native token but it does have an ERC-20 governance token known as UNI, which you can avail of from crypto exchange networks like Coinmerce. It’s easy to buy UNI as all you have to do is create a Coinmerce account and choose your preferred payment option.


How to buy Uniswap?

You want to buy Uniswap? You can buy Uniswap using Creditcard or SEPA at Coinmerce. Once you are logged in, you will see "Coins" in the top menu where you click on. Now you come to a page with all crypto coins that Coinmerce offers. If you don't see Uniswap, use the search function to search for Uniswap and click on the name. You can indicate for how many euros you want to buy Uniswap in the right window. Below is shown how much Uniswap you get for this. Have you entered the correct amount? Then click on "Buy". You can also execute a "Stop limit order" at Coinmerce. Our system will automatically buy Uniswap when the price of Uniswap reaches your entered value. You can also execute a repeating order. Do you want to buy Uniswap with another crypto currency? Then you go to the cryptocurrency you want to pay with and click on "Swap" in the right window to indicate that you want to receive Uniswap.


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About Uniswap

Hayden Adams, who used to work as a mechanical engineer for Siemens, created Uniswap on November 2, 2018. A number of venture capital firms expressed their support by helping the platform gather millions of dollars in funding. By October 2020, Uniswap was trading at a daily average of more or less $220 million. Uniswap does not really earn or make money because it has no native token. The founders do not get anything regardless of how big the pool is. It is only the liquidity providers who receive payments, which currently stands at 0.3% for every trade. The fees are added into the liquidity pool but are made available anytime liquidity providers need them. The UNI token is a governance token as it offers holders the privilege to monitor changes and developments, and to vote on them as well. UNI tokens were introduced in September 2020.

Founder Hayden Adams
Founded 2017