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Storj is a decentralized cloud storage platform. It is one of the largest, cheapest and safest cloud services. You can store all your personal data and other information, but you can also rent the space that you have left to other users. This offers an extra opportunity to make money on the Storj network.

In July 2014, Storj launched its tokensale with which 910 BTC was collected, which together represented a value of approximately $ 500,000. In April 2016, Storj Labs officially announced the beta version of its cloud platform that allows users to store data on a decentralized network. The beta was only accessible via an invitation system and was later made public after the first test phase of the platform. Storj offers a secure, decentralized and inexpensive cloud storage platform that competes with traditional parties such as Google Drive and Dropbox. A major competitor for Storj is Sia, a similar platform that focuses more on business customers. STORJ is used as payment method on the Storj network.

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Informazioni sull'impresa

  • United States of America
  • Website
  • 2017


Coin Info

  • 135787000
  • 424.999.998
  • # 145

Raccolta fondi

  • ICO
  • 5/19/2017 - 5/25/2017
  • $30,000,000


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