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Ankr believes idle cloud computing power should not go to waste. In fact, at Ankr, we believe idlecloud computing power could replace the need for large CSPs altogether. With Ankr’s technology, companies can utilize excess cloud computing power from data centers and edge devices that arenot being used to their full potential. As if the idea of recycling computing power wasn’t interesting enough, there is much more to be excited about when it comes to Ankr. First, as trends such as Internet of Things (IoT) technology continue to grow, the need for highly-distributed infrastructure, service, and intelligence increases. With Ankr’s ability to repurpose unused cloud computing power from on-site data centers and devices around the world, companies can meet this need by implementing a truly distributed system when it comes to hosting, computing, control, and information. Such a distributed system provides loss avoidance, improves production, and mitigates risk when organizing data and analytics. On the flip side, Ankr also provides a slew of benefits for owners of unused cloud computing power. Now, consumers and enterprises can monetize their surplus computing power, whether in the form of a device, an on-prem data center, private cloud, or even public cloud. With the introduction of Ankr, establishing an operational architecture that utilizes distributed computing power becomes easy. Use Ankr to create a production environment that leverages people, processes, and technology in a scalable manner and without getting stuck in a vendor contract. Even enterprise operations that need their legacy systems to fit into a larger framework can use Ankr via virtualized hosts, data management, and open API tools to guarantee a production environment that will stand the test of time. At Ankr, our solution of a shared, repurposed cloud economy is based on cloud-native and blockchain technology, providing us with abstraction over various types of hardware, operating systems, and unified user interfaces. We define the organizational structure of each participating device based on its condition, taking into consideration aspects like location, bandwidth, CPU, memory, and more. Are you interested in buying or selling Ankr (ANKR)? Within minutes you have created an Ankr wallet at Coinmerce. At Coinmerce you can trade cryptocurrencies quick, safe, and reliable through iDeal, Sofort, and SEPA. Everybody can trade and invest in cryptocurrencies at Coinmerce, would you like to know more about Ankr (ANKR)? Feel free to contact our support team with your questions, 24/7. At Coinmerce you can buy, sell, and withdrawal Ankr (ANKR). Would you like to trade and invest in other cryptocurrencies in addition to Ankr to expand your portfolio? Besides Ankr, Coinmerce also offers cryptocurrencies such as EOS (EOS), Tron (TRX), and NEO (NEO).

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Oprichter Ryan Fang
Opgericht 2017
Sector Computing
Website Website
Locatie United States of America