What is Neblio (NEBL)?

Neblio is a blockchain platform that focuses on integrating businesses on the blockchain. Companies should be able to easily access and develop decentralized applications (dApps) themselves. Neblio facilitates and integrates blockchain technology so that all companies, regardless of size or structure, can use it. This in a simple and inexpensive way. With their slogan ‘Blockchain. Simplified‘, they have a clear mission:

They are bringing physical and digital assets onto Neblio's blockchain without any technical experience. Blockchain is not just accessible to big companies such as Google and IBM but also to smaller companies who want to embrace the power of blockchain technology.

How does Neblio work?

Making blockchain technology accessible in an easy and user-friendly way. But how? Companies can easily switch to blockchain technology without any problems, thanks to the functionalities offered by Neblio.

Issues blockchain technology

The adoption of blockchain technology is rather slow. Why is this? One reason is that technology is new and complicated. Only a limited number of developers have the knowledge to develop decentralized applications (dApps) themselves. The solution that should accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology?

Neblio users can use existing decentralized applications or develop dApps themselves in a user-friendly way, thanks to Neblio's APIs and user-friendly interface.

Application Programming Interface (API)

No complicated programming languages like Java, Python, or even Solidity, but easy-to-use APIs. These APIs enable communication between devices, data, and even different applications.

Developers have access to a range of APIs in almost all popular programming languages. Build decentralized applications themselves, as well as using existing dApps in their own organization. This allows developers to interact with Neblio's blockchain in a very intuitive way.

NEBL token

NEBL is the native token for the blockchain platform to secure the network, among other things. Users of the platform pay transaction fees in NEBL tokens.

Proof-of-Stake (PoS)

Neblio uses the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. Users can stake their native NEBL tokens to secure the blockchain and the platform. By staking your own NEBL tokens, you receive a reward in NEBL tokens for doing so. By staking tokens, you not only ensure a healthy and secure network but you also help decentralize the Nebio platform.


Bringing companies to blockchain in an easy and efficient way, but is it that simple? Neblio, therefore, offers consultancy to companies to guide them, to enter the world of blockchain technology. They can help set up nodes, as well as develop their own blockchain and/or dApp. Blockchain.Simplified!

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