What is Render Token (RNDR)?

Render Token is changing the world of metaverse. Digital artists and creators will have access to a distributed and decentralized GPU rendering service on the blockchain thanks to the Render Token. What does this mean? Share the unused computing power of your phone or computer with other users in the network. Quickly render 3D animations on the blockchain, without technical barriers. Are you (temporarily) not using your graphics card on your device? Let artists and developers use it and receive rewards for doing so.

Graphics Processing Unit - GPUs

No quality videos or images without a processor. The GPU, better known as a graphics card or video card, is used for all video tasks. A GPU makes videos and animations load and display faster. Rendering footage can often take unnecessarily long, resulting in videos or graphics not loading simultaneously. In practice, this is time-consuming, expensive, and does not scale adequately. Until recently. Render Network makes rendering more efficient, powerful, and scalable.

Decentralized GPUs

Each phone or computer has its own GPU. This allows us to see photos and videos. But what happens when we are not viewing any footage or playing games? Then these GPUs remain unused. Instead, Render Token offers decentralized GPUs where users can use inactive GPUs. This allows anyone on the network to quickly render their videos on the blockchain.

Digital rights imagery

Where does an artist store his/her digital art? This is usually done on their own hardware because otherwise, artists cannot prove which work is theirs. There is no accessible and universal storage location for artists. Thanks to the Render network and blockchain technology, artists can now store their 3D creations in this network without losing their intellectual and digital rights.


A movie or video game that won't load? A good chance your GPU is at maximum capacity. Scaling this GPU processing power is difficult, especially for traditional rendering technologies. Every device or network has a certain limit, even iCloud or other cloud services. The solution? A decentralized system that allows GPUs from around the world to be used efficiently.


The virtual world of the metaverse consists of 3D rendering animations and images. Why is decentralized rendering so important? So that all users of the metaverse see the same animations and footage at the same time, and that they load as quickly as possible. If this is not done, we would experience the metaverse as a virtual world that is inefficient, where everything is slow and where there are hardly any options. After all, no one wants to wait minutes to visit his or her digital villa, right? Not surprisingly, Render Token is one of our top 10 Metaverse coins.

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