What is SushiSwap (SUSHI)?

SushiSwap is one of the largest decentralized exchanges (DEX) on Ethereum, and a fork of the well-known UniSwap. Trade over 400 different cryptocurrencies with more than 17,000 trading pairs, add liquidity to hundreds of liquidity pools and receive astounding APY‘s. The possibilities in the world of DeFi are endless. SushiSwap, unlike central exchanges, is not regulated by one central party.

Users determine the future of SushiSwap themselves, thanks to the governance of the native token SUSHI. This makes SushiSwap completely decentralized, transparent, and focused on its users.

How does SushiSwap work?

No order books like central exchanges, but liquidity pools and smart contracts. The price of a token is determined, among other things, by the liquidity present in the protocol. The more liquidity, the easier it is to trade a token. SushiSwap therefore encourages its users to provide as much liquidity as possible themselves.

Would you like to add liquidity yourself and receive SUSHI tokens as a reward? SushiSwap has several liquidity pools, each with its own risk profile.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

No know-your-customer procedure or a complicated sign-up process, just trade cryptocurrencies based on a software wallet. Download your favourite wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet, connect to a decentralized exchange like SushiSwap and trade your favourite cryptocurrencies.

Liquidity Pools

Trading on a decentralized exchange (DEX) is only possible with sufficient liquidity. Is there sufficient liquidity? Then you can easily trade your favourite cryptocurrencies by using smart contracts. To enable trading, SushiSwap encourages all its users to add liquidity themselves. Users not only receive a share of the transaction costs incurred in this liquidity pool, but also receive free SUSHI, SushiSwap's governance token. The larger your share in a liquidity pool, the more rewards you get.


SushiSwap's decentralized exchange is governed by its users. How? By giving governance to all holders of the SUSHI tokens. Governance is indispensable in the world of DeFi, it's the only way SushiSwap stays decentralized and transparent. Do you have SUSHI tokens? Then you can vote on the future of the protocol. Do you agree or disagree with a particular development? Let your voice be heard.

Every proposal and change is done by consensus. Do you have a proposal of your own? Share your idea on the SushiSwap forum and let the community vote.

Buy SushiSwap

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SushiSwap News

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