What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication (2FA), is a security process where the user goes through two different authentication factors to authenticate themselves to better protect both the user's login credentials and the resources they access.

How do I activate two-factor authentication?
To strengthen security, we recommend using two-factor authentication. You can activate this in your Coinmerce account under Security. Keep the displayed secret key somewhere safe. A conscious decision was made to only support 2FA via the Google Authenticator mobile application and not also SMS. This is because 2FA via SMS is vulnerable to so-called SIM swaps. Enable 2FA by logging into your account, go to My Account, then click Security. By clicking 'Yes' you will be guided to the page to turn on your 2FA with your Authenticator app. You can see in this video how to do this.

I have no access to my two-factor authentication. What should I do?
You can reset the 2FA by entering the secret key provided when the 2FA security was activated. If you have lost the secret key and are unable to reset the 2FA, please contact our support department.

My two-factor authentication is not working, how come?
If the 2FA code does not work properly, it may be due to one of the following causes: You set up 2FA multiple times on the same device. Check whether the code you entered on Coinmerce belongs to your Coinmerce account or another service. The time on your device is incorrect. This can lead to codes that are not synchronised. To fix this, make sure the time on your device is set to automatic (rather than manual) and to the correct time zone.

How do I reconfigure my two-factor authentication with the secret key?
If the problem cannot be solved by any of the above solutions, you can always reset your 2FA. In some cases, it may be necessary to reconfigure the 2FA security. This happens, for example, when you lose your phone. You can reconfigure the 2FA by downloading Google Authenticator and entering the secret key that was provided when you activated the 2FA.