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The 5 most googled questions about crypto

The 5 most googled questions about crypto

Reading thoughts is easier than ever these days, and that's because of the search engine Google. What people search for on Google often shows what their interests, fears and other thoughts are about a particular topic.

For example, by looking at Google Trends, market sentiment can easily be observed. If there are increasing "negative" searches, and decreasingly positive ones, then you can assume that the overall market sentiment is becoming more negative.

The top 5 Google searches related to cryptocurrencies reveals an increase in curiosity among general investors - with three "whats" and 2 "hows." Let's go through the most searched crypto questions on Google, from high to low.

What is cryptocurrency?

Even after thirteen years of disrupting the traditional financial world, the most popular question general investors ask Google is, "What is cryptocurrency." With a global search volume of 256,000, this Google search eclipses the second most searched crypto-related Google search by nearly five times.

This indicates the gap - and a huge reach - in educating the masses about cryptocurrencies. Despite the obvious conflict of interest, crypto entrepreneurs from around the world are putting aside their differences and agreeing that educating the masses about cryptocurrencies can serve as a catalyst for mainstream adoption.

What is crypto?

The second most Googled question about cryptocurrencies is, surprisingly, simply an iteration of the top question, and reads, "What is crypto?" The question recorded a global search volume of 54,000.

The what question highlights the lack of understanding among the masses and the need to shorten the learning curve for new investors.

How to invest in cryptocurrency?

In third place for most popular Google searches comes the first investment-related question, "How to invest in cryptocurrency?" With a global search volume of 44,000, the googled question shows a rising interest in crypto investing despite the prolonged bear market.

The keywords also point to the need to simplify the process of investing in cryptocurrencies. For many people, this is not yet a given and so it is up to trading platforms, including Coinmerce, to make investing as easy as possible for their users.

What is crypto mining?

In fourth place with a global search volume of 37,000 is a Google search that is surprisingly the most natural progression one would take when learning about the crypto ecosystem in depth - "What is crypto mining?"

Investors with a basic level understanding of the crypto-ecosystem tend to try mining as a means of earning passive income through cryptocurrencies. The idea of repurposing an old computer to earn cryptocurrencies by supporting the network is a popular search relevant from the early days of cryptocurrencies.

The fact that it is at number 4 shows that people are also willing to research cryptocurrencies further, and thus it attracts, but also holds, attention.

How to buy cryptocurrency?

Given the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, the search for "How to buy cryptocurrency" takes the fifth position as the most searched crypto-related keyword on Google. The search volume of 36,000 shows a clear interest in buying cryptocurrencies.

Bear markets are often seen as the perfect time for making high-yield investments. Given the falling prices, existing and new investors are in a race to identify such investments as the market prepares for a bull run recovery.

Luc Smits van Oyen
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