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BUX to discontinue crypto; users referred to Coinmerce

BUX to discontinue crypto; users referred to Coinmerce

Due to the acquisition of ABN AMRO by BUX, the Dutch investment platform BUX has decided to discontinue its crypto segment. All their customers with crypto assets will be redirected to Coinmerce. Following Binance's referral of its Dutch customers to Coinmerce last summer, BUX offers its users the same seamless transition to our platform. Coinmerce is pleased to engage in this collaboration with BUX, promising the easiest possible transition, ensuring the safety of all users and their assets throughout the entire migration process.

Smooth Transition

Users with crypto assets on BUX will receive a pop-up in the app starting today. In this pop-up, BUX requests permission to transfer all assets to the Coinmerce platform. When users agree, their information will be transferred, and an account will be created. For existing accounts, assets will be migrated accordingly. This ensures an easy transfer without costs, allowing BUX users to securely continue trading crypto after the transition. Users are free to choose whether or not to switch to Coinmerce.

BUX Token

As Coinmerce does not offer the BUX token alongside their 350+ assets, it will not be transferred. The BUX token is not part of the collaboration. However, Coinmerce is willing to allow anyone holding more than 1000 BUX tokens on December 18 to trade on the platform without transaction fees for a year.

Controlled Transition

"We have made all the preparations and are ready to provide a smooth and secure transition. After the successful migration from Binance, we look forward to welcoming BUX customers to our platform," says Jaap de Bruijn, CEO of Coinmerce.

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